IKEA Instant Win

IKEA Instant Win

09 February1 min read

Create instant win campaign for IKEA, that will run in 7 branches all over the greece, with central management system


We developed Scratch and win game for Android tablets and send tablets to all branches. Developed CMS which was controlling gift quantities, probabilities, winners etc

User Group

IKEA visitors


The challenge of developing this game was to create a smooth and interactive experience for the users, while also ensuring that the game was properly synced across all 7 branches of IKEA in Greece. This involved designing an intuitive user interface and incorporating reliable technology to ensure that the game would run smoothly, even with multiple players participating simultaneously. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and deliver a game that exceeded their expectations, resulting in a fun and engaging experience for IKEA customers.

Our Approach

In order to create the IKEA instant win multi-store scratch game, our approach involved the development of a central CMS system. This system was responsible for managing the different branches and gifts in real-time, allowing for efficient and effective management. The Android application, which was designed specifically for use on tablet devices, displayed the winning gifts per branch with different probabilities, providing users with a fun and interactive gaming experience.


The result of our efforts was that IKEA successfully utilized the instant win multi-store scratch game multiple times, attracting over 5000 players who had the chance to win discounts and gifts.