Hotel Booking Platform

Hotel Booking Platform

05 July1 min read

Deliver a premium quality, full-fledged hotel booking platform


We developed a modern, responsive and sophisticated booking platform that handles the full process of on-line booking of hotel accommodation.

User Group

Travel Agencies

We developed a top-quality, luxury vacations & hotel booking platform for a European start-up team.

The platform is able to handle fully the on-line booking process of hotel accommodation (including auxiliary services), securely process credit card payments and ensure a quite pleasant booking experience to customers.

Management, through rich informational dashboards, gets a real-time analytics overview on bookings, members’ origin, top destination preferences and other important travel information.

The platform has been completely customized and offers the client full ability to apply pricing and discount policies per stock, per day, per room type, per stay length and other factors usually found in enterprise booking platforms.