Hospital Cost Analysis Software

Hospital Cost Analysis Software

05 July1 min read

Deliver a software capable of calculating with accuracy the real cost of medical services in a hospital environment, considering all direct and indirect costs coming from all medical & back-office departments.


We developed a very successful solution, a highly sophisticated and complex software that exceeded way beyond our respectful client's initial expectations.

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We were awarded a research project to build an innovative cost analysis software solution for one of the largest medical groups in the region. Our respectful client needed an accurate solution to measure the real cost of each of their medical services, analyse costs and be able to either spot areas where they can save costs, or find opportunities to increase their revenues by taking strategic decisions based on the analysis results.

What would initially looked almost impossible to our client, turned into a highly respectable software solution with a great adoption and success. As part of a team comprised of senior level healthcare professionals and consultants, we delivered a very sophisticated software system that is able to track and analyse millions of cost flows within the hospital environment, either direct to each service (doctor, surgeon, nurse costs, surgery room occupation etc), or indirect, such as assets & depreciation costs, salaries, bills, staff hours and other costs coming from all back-office and medical departments.

Our solution's accuracy was beyond any expectation, as if results were taken deep into the smallest details, it was possible to track even the tiny impact of a small asset (like an office chair in the Finance dept.), to a medical procedure in an outpatient department or to a surgery operation in the O.R.

Being in the advantageous position to know the real cost of around 6,000 medical services at any point in time, our client was able to make safe strategic decisions and dramatically increase their revenues.

Not only that, they were even able to feed the software with hypothetical data (e.g. ward expansions, price list changes, salary changes, hiring staff etc.) and simulate the impact of these strategic testing scenarios, within a safe virtual environment, before they are made in real.