Technology Upgrade of Prostheses Order Management System

Technology Upgrade of Prostheses Order Management System

21 March3 min read

Migrate existing order management system to Angular


Bridge approach between AngularJS and Angular has been developed and the successful path was demonstrated to accomplish the migration of the entire project to Angular

User Group

Prosthetists, Orthopedists

About Our Client

Our featured client is a leading prostheses manufacturer based in Europe. They produce artificial limbs for people with amputations and provide them with the necessary rehabilitation. The company has been in business for over 30 years, and during that time, they have helped thousands of people regain their mobility. As you might imagine, their work is challenging and requires cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems daily.

The Challenge

Our client approached us with various challenges they needed to overcome, most dealing with their technology suites and lack of internal expertise and resources.

When they approached CQUELLE for a solution, their primary challenges were:

- Shortage of personnel with relevant experienceTheir business is highly complex and requires specific knowledge and skillsets that are not always easy to come by

- Limited budget for development, services, or supportThey needed to find a quality provider that could offer custom software development services at an affordable price- Lack of maintenance and supportThey could not maintain and support existing technology while simultaneously migrating systems over to new platforms.

- Intercommunication between in-house and migration teams

Workflow communication and team data exchanges needed to be streamlined to avoid errors or delays.

With these challenges in mind, their primary goal was to maintain their existing platforms without starting from scratch while automating their internal workflows. Rather than starting from ground zero, they wanted a solution designed to migrate, update, and upgrade their outdated technology to something more modern like Angular 13 & .NET 6. We delivered that solution and then some.

The Solution

Our teams strive to deliver custom-tailored solutions to address our clients’ unique business challenges, so we always begin with a discovery consultation call to develop a roadmap for our client relationships. We ultimately determined the best course of action was to:

Establish a migration team consisting of two CQUELLE developers and a Quality Assurance (QA) team on the client's side.

Implement an optimal software solution that seamlessly bridges legacy platform components with migrated angular modules.

Address critical workflow and skill shortcomings to provide dynamic support.

Handle most of the complex and extra difficult challenges on behalf of our client to make the migration process smooth, clear, and straightforward.

We proposed and rolled out a roadmap consisting of four major milestones within a short period on a part-time collaboration partnership to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

Results Achieved

Over 50% of the proposed roadmap solutions have been entirely handled and taken over by the CQUELLE team, using top-notch code and regression testing results along the way to ensure high quality.

We successfully completed .NET 6 Framework migration. Our client’s entire back-end system is up and running on the modern technology stack.

Additional technical and architectural recommendations were made, including best practices with Docker, Cloud, and CI-Pipelines.

We trained their internal teams to improve operational efficiency and function independently without external support or guidance.

Our client plans to roll out similar solutions to their other international markets outside of Europe in the upcoming months. We’re proud of our partnership and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration moving forward.