Healthcare app for ASK Expertise

Healthcare app for ASK Expertise

05 October1 min read

To create a mobile app for an existing web application


An application that provides an easy, safe and reliable way to communicate among organizations, BTOs, and individual experts in the field of mental healthcare.

User Group

Patients & Doctors


A mobile app that replicates all the functionalities of the existing web application. Some of the primary features of the app were: 

  1. Posting queries to specific individuals and organizations.
  2. Networking with experts and professionals.
  3. Searching a central knowledge database.
  4. Managing notifications.

Scope of work: 

UX/UI · Android · iOS · Web · QA  


The team was formed from the project manager, iOS, Android, and backend developers, UX/UI designer, and QA tester. We worked in two-week spirits. 

Technologies used: 

iOS & Android: Kotlin · Swift 3.0 · iSO 9+ · Java 7 · Android Support Library · ButterKnife · Dagger · Espresso · Retrofit · Gradle 

Backend: NodeJS · HapiJS · MongoDB · Mongoose 

Frontend: AngularJS 1.3.8 


The application was first launched to around 80 specialized care organizations. The selected organizations were all located within Utrecht, Holland. We also had to BTO teams with up to 10 professionals who were active in designated areas. The initial launch received positive feedback, with most users reporting that the app was very intuitive and user-friendly. 

“They make it clear that they’re invested in our business from top to bottom. Having the ability to sit down and discuss our issues with the CEO directly is a great comfort, especially after feeling like we were lost in the shuffle with our previous vendor”- Founder & CEO, Enterprise Social Networking Firm.