Facilitating organizational development

Facilitating organizational development

22 October1 min read

To facilitate organizational development, co-creation and change management.


Howspace helps people get involved towards learning, adapting and striving towards the company’s success.

User Group

Leaders, HR

The project:

In any organization, implementing a change program successfully can be a challenge. Our customers have seen a significant increase in participation rates by using Howspace. Facilitators use Howspace as the main hub for collaborative activities as well as organizational initiatives. 

Howspace is also used for strategizing workshops, events, and meetings. Organizations are also using Howspace for skill-building and addressing issues about process, knowledge, performance, and talent retention. The Howspace platform enables users to have dialogues between an unlimited number of participants, making in-event interactions easy. As top-level management is involved in the early phases, objectives are set clearly, thus creating a more open and transparent form of communication.  

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