22 May1 min read

Develop a fitness video-on-demand platform without using YouTube or Vimeo.


Create a serverless web app that uses AWS to convert and stream 4K videos.

User Group

B2C, fitness enthusiasts that want exercise even in their home.

When the first wave of coronavirus hit, a lot of industries moved into the online world. Fitness was one of them, and so millions of people around the world sought out the opportunity to work out from their homes with professional trainers. And that's why Fitnesee was created.

The client's main requirement was to create a platform that was not dependent on other video-on-demand platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. As this was an early-stage startup, we chose a serverless platform from Amazon Web Services and created an infrastructure where the client simply uploads a 4K video and the AWS automatically converts it to all relevant formats and sizes at a cost of under $0.5 per video.

Interactive fitness videos

Fitnesee prides itself on the top quality of its trainers and the workouts they prepare together with them. The finished video is uploaded via the app to the AWS infrastructure and outputs are ready within minutes. Streaming is then done only through the AWS platform, ensuring top-class availability.

Personal Exercise Plan

To make it even easier for people to exercise, we've developed an AI that can create a customized exercise plan just for them. 

Live broadcasting

Instead of carefully prepared videos, some people prefer the authentic live streams that Fitnesee broadcasts at the same time every day. We've created a total of 4 channels on the Amazon Web Service infrastructure that trainers around the world can connect to and share their workouts with others in high quality.