Event tracking app for Moscow Seasons

Event tracking app for Moscow Seasons

26 October1 min read

To track events in Moscow


Development of an App inculcating integration of loyalty programs and implementation of iBeacon Technology

User Group

Audience interested in events


The client, Moscow Seasons is a series of urban festivals for every season which has become a hallmark of Moscow. It is an initiative by the Government of Moscow to bring in representatives from all over the world to witness the unique history of the city. Their objective was to track various events, fairs, and festivals happening in Moscow. 


In collaboration with the client, Workingeeks developed the tracking app for various events and festivals happening in Moscow. This app can act as a perfect socializing partner for its users by allowing them to choose things of their interests and establish a connection with the people who are searching for similar events on the app. 

Workingeeks also introduced a loyalty program along with the implementation of iBeacon (term used for Apple Technology Standard to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly).  Technology while steadily developing the apps on both platforms respectively. The app development team also worked upon with customers on Agile to release the updated version of the app every two weeks. Thus, ensuring faster time to market and user engagement.