Event Management Platform

Event Management Platform

05 July1 min read

Deliver a high availability event registration platform with real-time online and on-site synchronization.


We developed an enterprise-grade, highly performing Cloud platform, capable of managing with remarkable durability, the online and on-site registration of big trade shows, with several thousands of daily visitors.

User Group

Event management companies, Event organizing companies, Trade shows

We delivered an enterprise-grade Event Management and Visitors Registration platform for one of the most reputable exhibitions & events management companies in the region. The mission-critical software system features high availability technologies to guarantee an unbreakable 100% up-time during large trade shows and provides real-time visitor & registration analytics to the organizing company.

Battle-tested on very large trade shows and having executed several events with great success, with millions of visitor registrations in total, our solution is considered a first class solution for event management.

The solution is comprised of Cloud-based services communicating in real-time with a range of event client software, such as web-based registration forms, self-registration terminal apps and mobile apps, offering event organizing companies multiple channels for their visitor registration needs.

The next generation version of our events Cloud platform, currently under development, features upgraded capabilities, even faster performance, zero configuration of registration terminals, improved real-time synchronization between the online and on-site software, plus a greater visitor registration experience.