Event Access Control Solution

Event Access Control Solution

13 November1 min read

To amplify the event access control for sports companies and other sectors


Created an event access control solution along with other major developments

User Group

Companies in Sports sector and other sectors


HID is an American manufacturer ensuring security of identity products for physical and digital access. Their objective is to allow users to use a verified and trusted identity to make it convenient and safer for them to maintain effective communication in everyday life. 


In collaboration with HID Solution, Miquido initially developed an app named mobiBadge for scanning conference tickets. After the successful launch of the app, HID team encouraged us to create an event access control solution for a renowned sporting event company which will also be useful for companies outside the sports sector. 

We also developed an Encoder for processing ticket data from CS to a card followed by the development of a verifier. The verifier can be used directly during matches. The following solution displays the data encoded on user cards, android readers that can be utilized further by an event service. We also took care of the tasks related to the design and development of the front-end of the web panel that allows users to specify the event, type, and the number of a ticket, define verifiers, send emails, and analyze statistics dashboards. 

Technologies used:

  • Angular
  • iOS
  • Android-Kotlin