Enhancing TomTom’s call center experience

Enhancing TomTom’s call center experience

6 Oct · 1 min read

Challenge: To create a cohesive workspace by enhancing the computer-telephone integration (CTI) with the Oracle Service Cloud system.

Solution: An add-in that caters to the needs and shows relevant information.

User Group: Customers that are interested in making smarter and healthier decisions. 

The client:

TomTom is a leading product company that creates innovative products for making day-to-day activities easier. Millions of people around the world depend on TomTom products to make smarter decisions and move towards their goals. 

The project:

We developed a smart add-in that is enabled when a business partner calls the call center. The add-in creates a pop-up that shows the various contacts associated with the number. Call agents can view the contacts, choose the relevant contact ID based on the current call, view prior incidents and add/edit incidents and critical information regarding the caller. 


  • OSvC RightNow
  • Windows Forms
  • Javascript
  • JSON web services
  • .Net
  • C#

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