End-to-End Customer Journey Management Platform

End-to-End Customer Journey Management Platform

13 Apr · 1 min read

Challenge: Collaborating with the onshore team to develop and improve the system's various features, and analyzing and developing ways to set up WSO2's SSO to support a variety of login methods.

Solution: Developing a platform that demonstrates the customer's journey as they interact with numerous channels, investigating the specific customer behaviours that impact business outcomes, and using AI to make a knowledgeable and more influential decision.

User Group: Genesys’s employees track customers’ journeys.

About the Client:

Genesys helps customer-centric businesses optimize the customer experience and enhance business results by measuring, monitoring, and conforming to great client journeys. Delivering frictionless, linked, and customized experiences is made possible with Genesys’s Pointillist Customer Journey Management Platform.

Team Composition:

A dynamic team of 50 Software and QA Engineers have worked together to make this project successful under the direct supervision of a highly experienced team of Development and Technical Managers and Leads.

Tech Stack:

Python | AngularJS | Spring | jQuery | Apache Kafka | MySQL | RocksDB | Redis | Hibernate

Our Contribution:

  • Implementing new features, and enhancing existing features, services, tools, and systems in the front-end and back-end of the application
  • Developing a platform for data ingestion into the system from several channels by an enduring process
  • Developing AWS Lambda Functions to process a large volume of data
  • Configured and implemented Single Sign-On with WSO2 Identity Server
  • Quality testing of front-end UI features and back-end data processing
  • Design, create and maintain robust and scalable test automation scripts for regression test suites

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