07 June1 min read

Compatibility issues to KVKK, GDPR in specific of cookie & consent management


Website Consent Management Platform

User Group

Any website owners that uses cookies to collect data

Efilli is a Consent Management Platform that enables to collect and manage cookie consent in accordance with Articles 5 and 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, which websites are obliged to comply with.

Usage of Efilli: In the easy management panel, you can automatically or manually add and classify cookies on your corporate or personal website, and track your visitors' cookie usage preferences with detailed reports. Anyone who manages a website can easily become a member and start using Efilli.

By using the Efilli tool, which starts to work by adding only a short block of code to your site, you can inform your website visitors in detail about the cookies you use, allowing them to personalize their permissions.

Efilli uses Turkey's domestic and overseas to secure servers and prevents the removal of the data. Providing quality service to our customers is always our priority in Efilli. The high costs of foreign software and the problems of reaching support teams are eliminated with Efilli.