Educational app for World Customs Organization

Educational app for World Customs Organization

05 October2 min read

To create a system that enables end-users to quickly learn and adapt to changing requirements in customs tariffs.


A video lecture app that is available in English and French.

User Group

Professionals in the Customs field

Problem statement: 

The World Customs Organization uses the Harmonised System to maintain the nomenclature for international trades. The system is used by 200+ countries and covers close to 98% of international trades. 

As the nomenclature is updated every 5 years, traditional methods of documentation like books and workshops are not helpful as they incur a lot of cost for the users who might only need to update their knowledge for certain areas. 


As the nomenclature and requirements of customs tariffs are constantly updated, there needs to be a simpler way for end-users to acquire the updated information. The system should be accessible to all, despite their location, gender, language, wealth, or ableness. 

Scope of work: 

UX/UI · Android · iOS  


An e-learning mobile app that is accessible to all types of users. The application will be available on iOS and Android. The app as well as the video lectures will be available in English and French- the most commonly used languages in the countries that use the Harmonised System. 

Technologies used: 

iOS & Android: 

  • BLoC
  • Shared Preferences
  • Gradient AppBar
  • Google Maps integration
  • Permission handler

  Backend: PHP · Symfony


Softnauts created mobile apps that are available on both Android and iOS. The apps are free to use for regular users. Registered customs officers will have dedicated accounts that they can use to edit the data. 

“In the first week after the release, we’ve got over 100 downloads of the app. I enjoyed communication with Softnauts as they have defined processes and are always available and responsive.” - Thibault Hermes, E-learning Manager, WCO.