e-Mobility, ride sharing application

e-Mobility, ride sharing application

10 Aug ยท 1 min read

Challenge: The clients main activity is renting of electric vehicles, and servicing. The need for e-mobility in big cities and the diminution of CO2 emissions, sparked the idea of creating a platform for electric vehicles sharing.

Solution: Creation of a platform where owners of Tesla vehicles can post them and their availability. Clients can rent, open, drive, return them, and pay for the rent all through the app.

User Group: Persons wanting to rent vehicles in Switzerland

We helped them develop a web based MVP, providing features as renting a vehicle without key, just using the application for client, possibility to get notifications for already rented vehicles, administration interface and reporting, registration as a car owner, and setting up vehicles in the application to be rented, and many more.

Technologies used:

AWS services (cognito, ec2)

Node API backend


React front-end for multiple client applications

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