Development of Business Network Platform

Development of Business Network Platform

02 December1 min read

To provide All-in-one Interface to unify existing portals under the brand.


Development of a Custom web platform.

User Group

Online businesses


The client, CopyBook is a world leader in online business-to-business media with clients from over 40 countries providing news and information in a variety of different industries. Their objective is to deliver content, contracts, news, to communities worldwide with the power to transform businesses by investing in various products or services. 


In collaboration with the client, our team developed a custom web development using Yii 2.0 PHP Framework consisting of a public web portal, a customer portal, and a back-office system. Now, the public web portal has replaced nine independent websites by providing a one-point to all the content offerings of CopyBook. We adopted the Agile Development Methodology to deliver the solution in multiple sprints to meet the project requirements. 

Technologies such as Foundation and Bootstrap 3.0 frameworks were used to develop an interface following an SEO-friendly design for improved usability and accessibility. Suppliers can now manage their microsites through an easy-to-use and intuitive customer portal. Implementation of a real-time commenting system was done to engage CopyBook readers and encourage interaction from users across the globe to comment on website’s news stories. Various other solutions involved expanding the custom portal, networking and social tools, online payment functionality, an automated subscription process, and multi-industry search followed by a centralized back-office system to ensure management of the entire platform from one place. 

Client Feedback

"Devision’s services have lately been used by CopyBook. All the company’s employees have proven to be extremely professional and skilled in terms of website development and design. In our perspective, Devision provides exceptional service, excellent value for money, and strong attention to detail. We have developed a great bond in addition to establishing an excellent working relationship. I would recommend this company to anyone who requires website consultation for website design, development as far as understanding of the internet is concerned."

-Andy Fields (Managing Director, Copybook Publishing)