Developing Applications: New Phase for White Rabbit Family

Developing Applications: New Phase for White Rabbit Family

26 Oct ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To develop applications for a group of restaurants working as one, to tackle their difficulties in managing a number of restaurants under White Rabbit.

Solution: Created iOS and Android applications for unifying all the activities at the various restaurants and hence avoiding any inaccuracy.

User Group: Restaurants


White Rabbit Family is a group of restaurants headed by White Rabbit, ranked 13th in The World's 50 Best Restaurants. They cater events such as birthdays, weddings, picnics, etcetera with a standard level of management. The group also exhibits excellence and sincerity in their works and gives the special occasions a magnificent look. 


Workingeeks managed to change the way the organization worked and created iOS and Android applications that displayed the events of all WRF restaurants and also enabled the function of seat reservation and home delivery in Russian cities. This helped the WRF group to gain more customers. It also mitigated the difficulties of the organization to arrange and sort out their engagements effectively, along with customers finding it easier to associate with the group and making their events a great success. 

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