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To use cutting-edge technology to prevent long-term severe diseases in dentistry


Built a dental care app with modern technologies

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Patients and Doctors

A startup studio project that uses cutting-edge technology to prevent long-term severe diseases in dentistry. The Dental Care App selects the method and duration of the procedure based on each person's personal factors. All you need to do is inform your AI about your own characteristics (braces or periodontitis), whether you smoke and for how long, and whether you have used coffee / carbonated drinks/wine - and the program will select the necessary method of care. Careful daily care can prevent tooth decay and significantly reduce the number of visits to the dentist.

For regular customers of Zablotskyy Clinic, the application provides additional opportunities: choose individual care products together with the doctor, make the next visit to the calendar, and always have your own radiograph at hand - this is especially true for patients traveling.

🔹 3x increase in clinic re-visits

🔹 80% of clients are using the app

🔹 50% increased sales of the goods

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