Customer Loyalty @ Retail

Customer Loyalty @ Retail

17 Dec ยท 3 min read

Challenge: managing and securing the satisfaction of existing customers

Solution: Loyalty program with client portal

User Group: Retail


Along with the main goal of managing and securing the satisfaction of existing customers, the loyalty program helps clients in retaining the leading positions on the market for its respectable segments.

Also, additional business benefits of the system are in various product bundling options, direct insight into customer segments and therefore more precise targeting, custom report capability etc.

Our loyalty program is used by:

  • more than 175,000 users
  • almost 1.500 active shops and
  • produces more than 40.000 monthly invoices


The central part of the loyalty program IT system consists of

Three levels of users

  • Program members / buyers
  • Authorized employees
  • Administrator


  • Registration and data overview
  • Score points
  • Product records
  • Segmentation
  • Manage scoring and award rules
  • Overview of marketing actions and promotion
  • Lost card and mini card
  • Newsletter subscription


API ready for integration with 3rd parties:

  • Point-of-sale
  • Web


Score points are collected in several different ways. The prerequisite is the purchase of a product that is in the scoring system. The rules for awarding points are divided into 3 categories:

  1. General rule: of delivers of points
  2. Member rule: welcome, birthday, recommendation of another member
  3. Product rule: brand, manufacturer, product group

Award rules:

  1. Financial rule: For of points the member receives a discount of % on the amount of the receipt
  2. Material rule: The award is the product

A loyalty program discount on individual items of the receipt may be limited if the item is already in retail discount or its margin is lower than the discount.

In the case of multiple rules at the same time, the member is given the highest possible discount depending on the points earned.


Mobile application for iOS and Android.


  • Mobile card barcode
  • Review of members score points status
  • Review of news and actions
  • Company / brand information
  • Loyalty program information
  • List of business branches


Reporting done per

  • Members, products, groups of products. manufacturers, point of sale, time of purchase, collected and spent points, realized discounts, realized income.

List of predefined reports includes

  • Overview of sales by product
  • Top 20 most wanted products
  • Review of sales by members
  • Review of earned and spent points by members
  • Analysis of revenue by period and point of sale
  • Review of the members activities
  • Analysis of members revenue over time
  • Analysis of members demographic structure
  • Analysis of income by age structure


Customer Rankings:

  • Define the rankings (gold, silver, and bronze buyers)
  • Adjustable scoring and award rules

Integration with social networks

Location marketing

  • Member location detection
  • Notifications: welcome message, store actions, recommended points, reward points etc.

Marketing interface

  • Segmentation (age, gender, customer activity,

profitability), mail campaigns and mobile


Recommendation engine

  • Up-selling & cross-selling benefits

The largest pharmacy retail chains in Croatia use our loyalty program to manage the satisfaction of existing customers in order to stay competitive in the market.

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