Custom-Multimedia Management Platform Development

Custom-Multimedia Management Platform Development

2 Dec · 1 min read

Challenge: To scale up the functionality of a complicated legacy system.

Solution: Development of custom-multimedia management platforms and portals.

User Group: Online publishers


The client,3B Nexus is a London-based online technology and marketing private company that specializes in publishing, streaming, and on-media content distribution for the investment and business sector.  


In collaboration with the client, we adopted Agile methodology to develop a custom-web platform and portal using technologies such as the Yii2 PHP framework and Bootstrap. We created a modular architecture with distinct applets for improved performance and scalability. 

We also created resumable bulk uploads for large no. of audios and video formats by rewriting the previous API and libraries. Other beneficial features involved subtitle loading, controlling ability, adding a presentation followed by its synchronization with a video. 

An interactive HD video player was also developed adjusting to all screens, browsers, and bandwidths. We built an analytical module that provides real-time traffic monitoring, relevance performance analytics, and reporting as well as the ability to download account performance overviews. 

We also built a secure payment module to enhance customer experience by integrating a range of payment methods such as Credit card, PayPal, Bank Wire, etc. Also, several additional features were introduced to assist publishers in reaching their intended audience. 

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