Case Management System- BCPEA

Case Management System- BCPEA

2 Dec ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To upgrade the existing system to handle large amounts of user data.

Solution: A new system based on an MVC PHP framework and PostgreSQL.

User Group: Regulatory organizations

The Client:

The Bulgarian Chamber of Private Enforcement Agents (BCPEA) is an organization that assures the regulatory compliance, ethics, and standards of all PEAs in Bulgaria. It is also in charge of keeping the Central Register of Debtors, a consolidated database of private enforcement cases throughout the country. 

The Project:

The BCPEA needed an upgrade of the Central Register of Debtors case management system. In addition to years of difficult-to-maintain legacy technology, their prior system could no longer handle the massive amount of data on users, cases, and payments that had accumulated. Inefficiencies had also resulted from the lack of automated processes for everyday operations, which needed to be fixed.

Our Solution:

We designed a brand new system to replace BCPEA's outdated one. We emphasized bringing an optimized procedure for requesting and creating reports. We also built a responsive Bootstrap theme for the interface so that the system works on various device types. Our solution also included additional capabilities such as role-specific user accounts, real-time online reports, accounting and billing tools, automated synchronization, and case-related statistical data to existing functionality. 


BCPEA was able to handle its database of private enforcement cases more efficiently and effectively with this solution. The new system can manage information from over one million cases and supports hundreds of users. 

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