Campaign website

Campaign website

5 Oct · 1 min read

Challenge: To design and implement a web portal for the ‘100lat Polsko!’ campaign

Solution: Campaign website

User Group: website-blog

The client

The '100lat Polsko!' was a campaign started by the popular website Onet to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Poland's independence. 

The project

For this campaign, we were asked to create a unique website that showcases Onet articles about Poland. Due to the time-bound nature of the campaign, the project had to be delivered within a month. 

We consulted with the Onet stakeholders to agree on the overall look and feel of the website. Our main priority was to create a website that was simple and user-friendly. 

The goal was also to make the website smooth and easy to navigate from any device. It was also crucial to ensure that the pages are mobile-friendly, as most users would be accessing the website on their mobile devices. 

We followed a mobile-first approach for the code to make the website adaptable to any type of device. 

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