Business Transformation with TechBiz Global

Business Transformation with TechBiz Global

23 Jan · 3 min read

Challenge: The company was in the need for some IT engineers and other solutions to make their business grow.

Solution: Recruitment, Software Development, Outstaff and Consulting

User Group: Insurance (Fintech)

About the company

Friendsurance is a company based in Berlin, Germany. The company develops innovative digital insurance solutions with the aim of making insurance more customer-friendly. As an independent insurance broker Friendsurance cooperates with over 175 insurance companies, serves nearly 150,000 customers, and introduced the world's first peer-to-peer insurance model in 2010. 

Presently, the company mainly considers itself as a pioneer in digital bancassurance: the digitization of insurance services for banks or insurance companies and their customers. With the brand Friendsurance Business, the company offers a digital, scalable, and modular bancassurance platform for national and international partners such as Deutsche Bank and R+V Versicherung. 

“Working together with TechBiz Global team was easy. Their professionalism and care for tasks were exceptional. And most importantly, they have easily met the deadlines and objectives without wasting precious time and resources. 

We're glad to pick their services which helped us to acquire needed top engineers to ensure our product’s success. Improving our ability to scale the business further would have been rather difficult if not them. “

Tim, Kunde


Accelerating Efficiency With TechBiz Global

Friendsurance approached TechBiz Global with the need to help them to diversify their cross-functional teams and accelerate their workflow efficiency. 

With the help of our top recruiters from TechBiz Global, Friendsurance managed to acquire a wide spectrum of engineers needed to fill the gaps both quickly and effectively. The client was provided with their own account manager who ensured daily briefings about the goings of the process and overall customer success. As a result of using recruiting and outstaff services, within a month, the client acquired a Data Engineer, QA Engineer, FrontEnd Engineer, and DevOps Engineer. 

In order to ensure a successful build-up of the workflow in their IT engineering department, TechBiz Global recruited Friendsurance, a Scrum Master. To ensure that their team is organized, on track, and focused on what matters.

Assisting in Product Development and Ensuring They Run Smoothly and Consistently

Apart from acquiring top talents, TechBiz Global also helped  Frendsurance ensure that further product development goes smoothly as planned. And to this day, we constantly help their cross-functional development teams achieve great results.

For instance, the acquired DevOps help to professionalize Frendsurance DevOps automation. Frontend specialists guarantee a continuation of the client's innovative product development with an advanced storybook. Thanks to Scrum Master, the company implemented an agile way of working in the teams where it was required; thus, improving processes across departments. At the same time, QA specialists improved the QA procedures and provided an automated testing approach for Frendsurance's new platform - Bancassurance.

Grow Your Business with Us!

In that regard, due to continuous TechBiz Global support on any given inquiries from their client, our team manages to meet the client's needs and ensure that all processes run smoothly and fast. We help clients find the best solutions to their problems, aid in finding the best people who can assist their teams, and offer the best way of employing their time to ensure their success across the board. 

TechBiz Global is a multi-service company that can help other businesses to succeed where they feel the need for some help. We can help with recruitment, and software development tasks; as well as assist in relocation or building regional offices, and provide consulting services on any business or management-related questions you may have. 

So, hop on, and let’s talk about your next business journey toward success!

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