Business reporting app for Evotor

Business reporting app for Evotor

26 Oct · 1 min read

Challenge: To visualize business reporting data

Solution: An iOS app for viewing information and reports related to the running of a business.

User Group: Business stakeholders

The client:

Evotor is a leading IT company in Russia that specializes in resting smart cash registers and terminals to make payments easy. They are a part of the Sberbank ecosystem but also provide other business management-related services like managing sales, labelling, generating leads, etc. 

The project:

The client’s customers are stores and businesses that handle lots of transactions on a daily basis. They wanted to be able to show their customers a concise report on these transactions with visualizations and graphs for a pictorial representation. 

We created an iOS app that shows real-time data about the current status of the cash register, revenue, sales receipts, etc. on a single mobile platform. We have included graphs for comparing revenues in both individual stores as well as retail outlets. 

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