Business Intelligence & Reporting Automation

Business Intelligence & Reporting Automation

05 July1 min read

Deliver a highly complex, multi-channel reporting automation system to meet very challenging Bank reporting needs


We developed a very sophisticated BI and report automation software that exceeded the initial (and highly challenging) expectations of our respectful client.

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We delivered a highly complex, enterprise-grade BI & reporting automation software to meet the huge reporting needs of a respectful client, a global financial institution.

Our solution, offered bank's finance users all the tools required to automate complex data querying, filtering and merging from multiple data channels, plus dynamic report design tools, enabling them to create reports and convert manual data extraction & reporting into an 100% automated BI solution.

Our solution exceeded by far the expectations of the Bank, as it not only achieved to fully cover ALL the different complex report cases, but it also allowed the design of even more complex BI reports that were previously not humanly possible to prepare.

The Bank now benefits a great cost saving every month, as hundreds of staff hours got replaced fully by our system. Finance users have all their reporting needs covered every month with zero effort and meet their monthly reporting requirements, as set by the Bank's group headquarters plus national regulatory authorities.