Building the Website for Kodak Alaris

Building the Website for Kodak Alaris

14 Oct ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To improve the electronic circulation and management of documents.

Solution: To create a website implementing crucial information regarding documentation.

User Group: Public Administration Sector employees


The client deals in the manufacturing of scanning devices for the public administration sector. The objective of the client was to create a website in order to create awareness among offices and other institutions employees' who deal with large amounts of documents and paperwork. 


In collaboration with the client, Osomstudio was able to create a website that would directly influence the conversion rate resulting in new lead acquisition. More solutions include:

  • Creating sections for substantive user support such as FAQ, blog posts, search engines adjusted to fit the needs of the individual user.
  • Utilization of solutions for managing customer relationships and automating B2B marketing.
  • Implementing a website on WordPress and connecting it to CRM used by Kodak Alaris.


  • To create a coherent communication system to make sure that the website contains blog posts, product descriptions, and other important information.
  • Layout designing and implementation of the website.
  • Introduction of an attractive product presentation in order to attract a target audience.

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