Building Social Community App for Families- Kidzdiretc

Building Social Community App for Families- Kidzdiretc

18 October2 min read

Designing and Building Website and App.


Successful creation of Website and App across web, iOS, and Android.

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The client, Kidzdiretc wanted to build multiple products in order to remove the headache of planning family fun days by connecting parents and carers with relevant merchants in order to find exciting events, promotions, and activities nearby. 


In collaboration with kidzdiretc, nuom’s product team ran a workshop to map out the ideal user journey, followed by prototyping the early versions of both the app and the web portal. This gave us a clear idea of the goals and overall growth of Kidzdiretc.  

Keeping the needs and demands of two users that involved businesses need of a sales and advertising platform followed by parents who wanted a simple tool that is easy to use for planning family events. In accordance with the same, we created a custom online portal using Craft CMS, which made it easier for users to manage content and payments. This can be used by merchants for listing it out further for parents. A location-based app was created using Google Maps in order to keep up with the requirements of the parents. After overcoming several challenges that occupied the launch of the product, Kidzdiretc allowed families to enjoy fun days out without putting themselves at risk and reducing the spread of COVID-19 by highlighting COVID safe areas. 

After a successful collaboration, Kidzdiretc onboarded over 500 users in 3 months and got a 5.0-star rating on both the App and Play stores. 

I can honestly say that nuom was exactly what we needed to bring Kidzdiretc. app to life. They are professionals with great working ethics and at the same time are generous with their advice. I am truly happy that we have finally found someone that understands and shares the same vision as us. 

-Razland Dawood,Co-founder, Kidzdiretc