Building an engaged virtual community

Building an engaged virtual community

22 October1 min read

To keep association, company or union members engaged


Howspace’s digital facilitation platform helps with making all participants engaged and active in the community

User Group

Non-profit, unions and other communities

Howspace allows administrators to involve all members in the network and drive conversations. The easily accessible workspace enables transparency in work, without and bounds on the number or location of participants. That's why Howspace platform allows organizations to build an engaged virtual community.

The Howspace platform is specially designed to encourage active participation. The tool’s interactive features provide different ways of interaction. This also helps in retaining and growing the members as active members keep increasing.

With Howspace, co-creation and virtual shared learning is no longer bound by time or physical location. The community can collectively take ownership and decide on the strategies that work best for them. The social learning aspect makes it easy to share knowledge among participants. 

Howspace encourages participation by making people feel included in conversations and decision-making. It is easy to use, with no special tools or installation involved. It uses AI for real-time data analysis that helps create a more close-to-real event experience.

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