Browning Safe Builder AR for Gun Businesses

Browning Safe Builder AR for Gun Businesses

18 November1 min read

To overcome the problem of transportation of heavy and bulky gun safes for mere checking's via augmented reality (AR).


Created and extended the Browning Safe Builder AR application software to the client that is capable of offering virtual checks of gun safes.

User Group

Businesses and manufacturers are dealing with gun safes as well as other heavy industries.


The client belongs to the sector of manufacturers or businesses dealing with the buying and selling of gun safes. Their business expands in vast expanse as they deploy a variety of models of gun safes ranging in several sizes and shapes. 


We created, customized, and optimized the Browning Safe Builder AR that can easily provide a virtual eye to the client to perform reliable checks on the newly arrived gun safes without having the need to physically go there.  

The client can choose the type and form of gun safe according to their required dimensions and then seek the customization check methods. Once finished, the ‘done’ button has to be pressed.  

Some of the features are:

  • Easy creation and customization of safes
  • Visualisation of location
  • Checking of all kinds entirely for free
  • Displaying the models for purchase from the website