Boosting the Impact of Digital Facilitation

Boosting the Impact of Digital Facilitation

22 October1 min read

To facilitate workshops and events.


Howspace is a digital facilitation tool driven by artificial intelligence (AI) that is designed for facilitator-led workshops and events requiring a high level of participation and cooperation.

User Group

Facilitators, coaches, trainers and consultants


Since many organizations are moving to digital facilitation, the adoption of the right facilitation tool becomes the key requirement for a high level of participation followed by maximum cooperation. With the use of Howspace facilitation tool, it becomes easy for participants to get familiar with the objectives and gain an understanding of the participants’ current goals and skill levels. 

Howspace is also useful for events and seminars that require a lot of involvement and peer learning including Professional learning sessions, change management, organizational development, HR, and membership events. You can use Howspace to facilitate real-time chat chats, polls, surveys, and other activities that are permanently documented and easy to refer back to your Howspace workspace. Its social media-like design makes it easy to understand and enables users to engage properly. Their workplaces are simple to set up with no requirement for coding in conversations, polls, assignments, and more by simply dragging and dropping the widgets. Moreover, Howspace's built-in AI-powered clustering features can help you analyze dialogue in real-time. Thus, creating better interaction and eliminating the obstacles by providing a platform where everyone can express themselves in real-time.

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