Asset Management Software Solution

Asset Management Software Solution

12 October1 min read

Inability to track resources to lack of asset management.


To develop an asset management solution.

User Group

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers and Fire departments.


The client provides asset management software for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers and Fire Departments. The company serves hundreds of medical and public safety vendors across 42 states and 4 countries. 


DevCom developed Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) which can help in tracking an exact asset location with the help of an RFID tag.  It resulted in an innovative and cost-effective business model for our client. 

Business Value

The asset management software became the flagship solution for clients and gained instant success among US public safety vendors. This sophisticated software reduced inventory waste, human error, and overhead costs. Using the solution, medical and fire departments were able to streamline their procurement logistics without the need for expensive IT infrastructure or additional employees.