Android to iOS : Changing OS of Kinohod

Android to iOS : Changing OS of Kinohod

26 Oct ยท 1 min read

Challenge: To change the operating system of an application that provides cinema tickets

Solution: Gradually rewrote the operating system from iOS to Android and helped in easing ticket booking activities.

User Group: Film viewers in Russia


Kinohod is a famous application for booking cinema tickets in Russia. The app also allows the users to know about film news, find user reviews, and watch movie trailers. The application does not charge service fees for those who buy tickets. 


Workingeeks developed an iOS app for the client and helped the application to gain more downloaders, and eased the ticket booking process. It also enhanced the overall performance of the application and also provided more information about films. As more users plunged into the app, the increasing number of user reviews helped in more broad information about the working of the application. 

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