Amplifying collaboration with Social Learning Platform

Amplifying collaboration with Social Learning Platform

22 October1 min read

To enhance learning and training programs


Howspace is a social learning platform that helps you transform from content and performance-driven e-learning to a collaborative culture of continuous learning.

User Group

Facilitators, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, HR and Organizational Developer


As the organizations have started moving to the remote world, the demand to build a collaborative learning space has become a challenge in itself. With several learning platforms focusing on one-way content delivery, Howspace entitles you to facilitate conversation by helping participants get familiar with initial skills and interest levels. 

Howspace, an easy-to-understand social media-like platform allows you to learn without worrying about location, time, and the type of device. Howspace’s collaborative learning platform makes social learning interactive where individuals can mentor each other and grow together. Its AI-powered chat features enable facilitators to carry out conversations with great ease involving peer review, teamwork, mentoring, etc. With the creation of simple and efficient workspaces with no prior requirement of coding skills, it becomes effortless for participants to withstand personalized learning experiences. By spacing training programs over time, one can make a bigger impact and create post-session sustainability. Thus, leading to a higher employee retention rate and enhanced collaborations.

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