secureAre there cheap and fast ways to validate project concepts?

Are there cheap and fast ways to validate project concepts?

I am part of the innovation team, and we are struggling to validate new project ideas due to a limited budget. Are there cheap and fast ways to validate concepts?

Compiler Coati

23 Sep, 2021

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Answer by nuom

Design Sprints! It's the best process I've used to validate new concepts. By aligning people with the workshop, then prototyping and testing with real users.  

The key thing you need is the right approach. Treat it as an experiment and be open to what findings you get back 

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You could start with brainstorming or design thinking sessions with the clients or members of the target audience. Spending 1-2 days for these sessions can create a better understanding of what you want to build, so your project concept will be a lot clearer and will get validated faster.


Voula Kleonakou

11 Oct, 2021

    Learn from your mistakes, but also learn from your competitors’ mistakes. By looking into what your competitors did that didn’t work out for them, you can easily strike out certain ideas without investing time in them. This can narrow down your concepts and simplify the process. If you have a significant audience already, use newsletters, social media, etc to put out your ideas to measure their interest. Create polls and surveys to see what they think.


    Trakeith Watson

    08 Oct, 2021

      I would suggest the use of Jira and adopting agile methodology would be a great start to your team which involves planning, review, retrospective of sprint activities. It involves the active participation of all your team members, as they can also add their thoughts in front of everyone to evaluate.


      Marissa Nelson

      05 Oct, 2021

        Scheduling multiple meetings with all your team members involved will be one of the effective ways to validate concepts and ideas related to the project followed by creative planning and implementation.

        Gary Nelson

        04 Oct, 2021