WordPress Website- Off The Shelf Template or Custom Solution

18 October4 min read
WordPress Website- Off The Shelf Template or Custom Solution

Are you considering launching a new website for your company? Which solution must one go for? An off-the-shelf template or custom-made website? These are often the questions that one asks themselves before creating a website. Well, it all depends on the requirements. The enormous pool of pre-built graphic designs for websites and online businesses is one of the most popular aspects offered by the WordPress and WooComm ecosystems. 

We at Osom Studio focus on creating more custom projects, but we certainly don’t dismiss the use of off-shelf templates as well.

Let’s dive deep into knowing the advantages and disadvantages of pre-built templates which are as follows:

Advantages of WordPress and WooCommerce pre-built templates

  • No prior knowledge of coding is required.
  • Themes can be easily updated and edited by designers.
  • Low or no initial costs.
  • Easy access to a large number of designs.

Disadvantages of WordPress and WooCommerce pre-built templates

  • Unsupported themes can become a security concern.
  • Themes might not follow SEO best practices.
  • Problematic transition to other templates.
  • Less scope for personalization than in custom-made designs.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the advantages of Custom WordPress Solutions which are as follows: 

Advantages of Custom WordPress Solutions

  • Custom websites can be structured based on your business requirements.
  • One has more control over custom design requirements.
  • Custom solutions are SEO-friendly and are performance-oriented.
  • Preferences can evolve with time.

Now that we have been familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress pre-built templates, let’s take a look at when it’s appropriate to consider using pre-built website templates and when not.

Consideration of Off-Shelf Themes

  • Limitation of time, as you need to get your website up and running as soon as possible.
  • Limited budget and one is willing to make some concessions and adapt to what the template can offer in order to reduce the project's expenditures.
  • Usage of template site solutions in order to work on a dedicated solution.
  • Your site is not the only source of revenue for you, and one can easily preserve it to showcase for various interests, such as artwork, etc. to reach a larger audience.

Non-Consideration of Off-Shelf Themes

  • When one wants to develop a website/e-commerce to satisfy highly precise standards and is seeking a solution that can help you achieve your goals. 
  • Since the speed optimization of a website is an important factor that influences its SEO, – the ready-to-use theme can be highly restricted in this regard, making the labor disproportionate to the desired results.
  • It’s difficult to rely on solutions that are out of your control as your website is designed to expand and is one of the primary sources for clients and applicants. Hence, full control of technology proves to be a viable solution.
  • When your site is expected to integrate with other external systems such as CRM, PIM, etc. And it may require a little bit of programming. In this regard, a pre-built WordPress might contain excess code that can hamper the overall integration process.


To conclude, there is a lot to consider when deciding on a pre-built theme and a custom design. One can always customize the theme on the basis of their business needs, leading to reliable solutions. It’s always good to make the right decisions based on the pros and cons of that choice to make it profitable in the long run. 

If you are looking for custom solutions, please feel free to reach out to us at Osom Studio and we will be happy to help you implement them. We will make sure that your website or online store meets your business needs, followed by the consideration of technical aspects. 

However, if you have decided on using the pre-built theme, we would recommend you to choose themes from relevant sources to avoid future consequences related to the website. Considering every aspect of the site in favor of having a broader set of features and functions will give you the freedom to make better decisions leading to fruitful results.