Why your business needs a custom-made website

6 Oct · 3 min read

Why your business needs a custom-made website

Whenever someone visits your website, the first impression is what might convert them into a customer. How your attractive your website is and how professional it looks is usually what creates a lasting impact. So, developing a professional-looking website is the first step to a good business. However, you first need to choose between using readymade templates or building a website from scratch. 
While using the readymade templates on web development platforms seems like the easy way to go, taking the effort to build a custom website has a lot of advantages. Here’s why you need a custom-made website for your business. 

Uniquely present your personal story

From a marketing and branding perspective, having a website that tells your unique story is essential. With a template-based design, getting your unique identity onto each page can be very difficult. The customizations are limited to what the template has to offer, and you might risk the chance of having a website that looks quite similar to your competitors or other websites. With a custom website, you can have a unique platform that caters to your target audience. 

Fully catered to your needs

A template-based website builder has a lot of options to create home pages, contact forms, blog pages, etc. But these might not be sufficient when your needs are extremely specific. For example, what if you need a custom interactive map that shows a only limited region and specific locations within that region? These kinds of customizations can only be implemented in custom-made websites. 

Better user experience

Good user experience is extremely crucial for converting visitors to customers. Template-based websites can sometimes glitch or have a bug that can dampen this. Such issues may be hard to fix as the code for the template isn’t in your hands. Custom websites are easily editable and can be fixed as per your needs. This provides much better user experience, so the site visitors stay on your site for longer. 

Easily scalable

Your website should be able to grow along with your business. As you get more site traffic and customers, the technological requirements grow. Template-based websites might not be able to handle high traffic scenarios, leading websites servers to crash. Custom websites can be built and scaled according to your site’s requirements. 

Better performance

A well-performing website can make a huge difference and can be a significant leap over your competitors. In fact, 75% of users typically close the page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. With a custom-made website, you can maintain optimal loading times to ensure that visitors don’t bounce away. 

Higher security

The security factor of your website, especially data security involving personal data should always be of higher priority. By using template-based web builders, the plugins involved can pose a security threat or breach. Custom websites can be built with in-built security features to keep your user data secure. 

Easily customizable for SEO

With a custom-built website, a lot of SEO-related factors can also be handled. You can optimize factors like loading speed, internal linking, AMP pages, etc. which aren’t as customizable in templates. By optimizing your web pages for search engines, you can give a significant boost to your SEO. 

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