Why is Poland the best place for outsourcing?

16 August2 min read
Why is Poland the best place for outsourcing?

Many people have already come across dozens of articles about the best places for outsourcing. However, as for us, they sometimes lacked figures and statistics to prove the truthfulness.

As for our company SoftBlue SA and its subsidiary international project InTechHouse, we do not like to talk much about our positive technical side. We are used to our products and customers talking about us.

Before answering the question of whether it is worth outsourcing your business, you need to understand all the risks and benefits.

What good is a close location for a business?

Firstly, its favourable geographical location, when business partners are located in neighbouring countries.

Secondly, it is possible to get developers at lower prices and with a minimum difference in time zones. Thus, companies will not experience any discomfort when communicating during working hours.

Thirdly, countries located at a close distance always have similar values and do not have critical cultural differences. As a bonus, they received holidays by coincidence to create the most comfortable business environment.

If we go back to SoftBlue SA, our company is unique in that it is simultaneously good at creating software and hardware products, as well as innovative projects in the field of the Internet of Things.

Our actions are motivated by one goal - the welfare of society and the support of Polish and global enterprises. Now they have reached the international level with British, Austrian, and American clients.

And these are not just big words!

SoftBlue SA has something to brag about

5+ years of average experience of developers and engineers

200 + serviced customers worldwide

2+ years of average partnership

up to 70% increase in EBITDA of its customers

Therefore, when choosing a convenient location in Europe, companies should realize such advantages of Poland as

the most convenient time zones, where the time difference is minimal and is a maximum of 3 hours.

Perfect rates compared to other countries of Western Europe and America (you get high-quality personnel and a huge economic benefit, which means significant money savings)

High level of English, which means you will always understand each other and there will be no communication holes

Progressive minds and similar business values will help you develop products faster and build new business horizons.

If you still think it's worth trying.