Why every project needs a project manager

14 October4 min read
Why every project needs a project manager

Managing and coordinating a project is a very gruelling task. There are a lot of moving pieces that have to be synchronized while sticking to a deadline. Ensuring that the resources assigned to the project are utilized properly and employees are not over-or under-worked is also essential. This applies to all sorts of projects. Let’s look into the benefits of having a project manager and the role of the amazing project managers at Osom Studio. 

Benefits of having a project manager

Before looking at how having a PM is beneficial, let’s look into what happens if you don’t have a PM for your project. Without a PM, there won’t be a single source for getting up-to-date information regarding the project. If there is no one to overlook the planned schedule for the project, it is more likely to lead to delays. There can also be less control over the budget. These things could eventually lead to a low-quality product. Here’s why you need to have a dedicated person to supervise a project: 

Organized project flow

The PM knows the various tasks and priorities involved in the project and can assess these to take critical decisions. In fact, the PM also understands when a meeting can be tackled without the client’s interference, thus avoiding unnecessary meetings with you. As a client, you can always rely on the PM’s information and advice. 

Effective communication

The project manager facilitates any communication between you and the team working on your project. If there are multiple departments working on the same project, the project manager can keep you updated on these smoothly. Any queries or issues will be managed in a manner that keeps all stakeholders and employees equally updated. This reduces communication gaps and miscommunication. 

The project manager can collect all the concerns from the team and present them to you in a single meeting so that your time is well-respected. This practice ensures a successful collaboration between you and the agency. 

Progress management

The project manager sets a schedule for the optimal implementation process. They also ensure that any blocks are identified properly and tasks are assigned or delegated to the right people. The PM will also keep you informed about the status of the project and any blocks or delays. 

Safe implementation

The PM is actively involved in the development process. They will coordinate with the development team members and facilitate open discussions to prevent any roadblocks or delays. For example, if a developer is unable to figure out a particular module or is spending too long on it, or if a required module doesn’t meet the specifications, such blocks can be identified by a project manager. Having someone who can have these honest discussions helps to avoid delays and ensures safe project delivery. 

Use of right tools

Project managers also ensure that the right tools are used for collaborative work like meetings or conference calls. They facilitate these things based on your preference so that you aren’t inconvenienced. 

Timely delivery

The PM monitors the work to ensure that modules are delivered as per the plan, with proper implementation and testing. Even if there are any blocks, project managers can quickly take decisions on these to keep the project moving. 


Most project managers have great motivational and oratory skills that can be helpful to the agency’s team as well as yours. They can convey thoughts, ideas and feedback in a way that motivates teams to do better. They can communicate equally well with technical as well as non-technical people. 

Budget management

Project managers have a knack for funds management and resource allocation. During the planning phase, they discuss the technical requirements for the project to create an optimal budget allocation plan. They can also guide you through what features should be prioritized and what can be taken up later. 

Project management in Osom Studio

At Osom Studio, we have excellent project managers who serve as the single point of contact between you and the team working on your project. They have the right experience to understand the technicalities and requirements involved with a web development project. With their involvement, you can sleep peacefully while they get the work done. They can also help you with any queries before beginning the project and even after the delivery of the project. Feel free to send us your brief and we’ll create the best website for you.