Why do successful businesses outsource?

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Why do successful businesses outsource?

Outsourcing is an effective strategy for contracting out business processes to third-party providers. It lessens the risks involved in various processes providing an array of benefits from cost savings to greater competitive advantage and service improvements. It can help your business become more flexible, agile, and able to adapt to the ever-changing market, its conditions, and challenges.

What started mainly as an approach for financial savings developed into a strategic management device and an invaluable part of conducting business in a rapidly changing, globally expanding market. 

Today, most of the big players go for the strategy of focusing on their core business, which is where outsourcing comes in as an effective solution.

Outsourcing can enhance the operation’s performance considerably because it frees up time and resources to focus on your core business aspects and allows your staff to concentrate on their main duties and the future strategy.

Tasks that aren’t suited to your skills - or which you lack the knowledge for - should be outsourced to professionals that can handle them much better and in a shorter time frame. Every second you spend on handling something that doesn’t play to your company’s main strengths is a waste of money and work hours.

One of the most time and cost-consuming processes of any business operation, regardless of the size, is hiring and training the staff. These processes can take months, and even then, there is no guarantee that the employee in question will turn out to be a good investment and solid addition to the team. Outsourcing allows you to convert labor costs to variable costs by paying only for the services you plan on.

Most companies have times of the year when they have more work, and consequently, more capital, and periods when business is slow. In ordinary circumstances, you would pay all of your employees the same wages year-round, as well as other expenses - specialized equipment, computers, servers, office and toilet supplies, and furniture.

When outsourcing, you are paying only for the services and their fixed results scaling your needs and costs to your requirements. Outsourcing jobs and tasks to other countries will also save the money you would otherwise have to spend on taxes and expenses like employee medical or pension insurance.

Outsourcing is about managing relationships more than service-level agreements and is a partnership, not a purchasing project. Maintaining and securing a trusted relationship is essential in outsourcing efforts and is more complex than establishing service levels and relationships.

Bloxico Software Solutions is a company that provides services in the field of blockchain through its products and consulting. However, 55% of the business comes from outsourcing and staffing. Bloxico places tried and tested professionals on the most valuable partner’s projects.

Why should you choose Bloxico?

One of the most valuable assets at Bloxico is experience. Its all-star business team together combines more than 90 years of experience in IT, Management, and Finance. 

Among the many benefits of outsourcing, Bloxico also offers you:

  • Highly experienced staff (tried and tested professionals with years of experience)
  • Competitive rates (third ring rates, low prices, high quality)
  • Full service from selection to placement of candidates (covering the whole process, from selecting the best candidates for you, preparing them and helping them adjust to the new environment, to their employment arrangement and payment; all you have to do is focus on your project)
  • Constantly assessing talent during every engagement (making sure the Bloxico quality standards are met)
  • Blockchain Experience (with the blockchain industry constantly growing, more and more projects are deciding to go with blockchain technology; Bloxico professionals are not new to the game and offer knowledge and experience in this relatively new technology)

Just last year, Bloxico placed over 50 employees on more than 10 international projects, which all adds up to a figure of over 20.000 billable hours. Bloxico is proud to be an approved supplier for one of the most important partners, IOHK - one of the world's preeminent blockchain infrastructure research and engineering companies. This company builds high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector, and government clients. It is also the driving force behind the decentralized and smart contract platform, Cardano

Furthermore, one of Bloxico's very proud partners is Protocol Labs - an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory. With a team of more than 100 members, they are working on FileCoin, a top 10 cryptocurrency in the world.

Bloxico offers a variety of managerial roles such as Project Manager, Product Owner, Agile Coach, Scrum Master; and also covers all major technical roles like Frontend Dev, Backend Dev, QA Engineer, an Analyst, DevOps, UX/UI Designer, etc.

Adhering to its service principles, Bloxico offers excellent mid-level to senior staff, short delivery times, and affordable prices with the ability to calculate volume discounts.

For small and medium-sized business owners, outsourcing is a great way to be more productive and efficient without putting a strain on your bottom line. If you lack expertise in an area of your business, or if you find yourself spending too much time on tasks that take away from your productivity, consider outsourcing as your valuable option.

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