Why Animation is Essential for your Product Marketing?

19 Aug · 8 min read

Why Animation is Essential for your Product Marketing?

If you are reading this article, you probably have some type of product or SAAS product that you want to sell or present to the World. And probably you saw that your competition or companies that you admire already have an animation of their stuff. Probably you are asking yourself questions like: Why is it crucial to have this animation? How does it help? And is it really worth it to spend my precious money on it? In this article, we will help you to understand the advantages of having “moving content” for your product.

Why animations are better than photos or “still content”?

According to the statistics, you can learn that animated or in general moving content is over 60% more effective than just photos. And there are a lot of reasons why.

First of all, 65% of people are visual learners. And when we see an animated video we will understand more about the subject and we will remember more than for example when we see photos with a lot of text.

Through animated content, you can present more information to them and after watching your content 64% of people will take an action. Ask yourself, when was the last time you watched an animated ad on Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram and you clicked it? You can notice that when the animated content was well prepared for you (as a target), you felt like you should take an action.

When you are watching an animation you use two of the most important senses: sight and hearing. When both of them are well activated we remember way more information. Also, an additional part of those senses are emotions that you can feel. With animations, you can create emotions that will be activated almost instantly.  And that’s what your potential customers should feel when they are experiencing your brand.

Keeping viewers' attention. If you are working with a good quality agency that takes care of animation for you. They will make sure that the viewers’ attention is as long as possible, and when you get into statistics you will see that the viewers were really interested in it. Keep it in mind when you are choosing an agency because creating beautiful stuff is one thing but more important is when the viewers will engage with your content.

How animated content differentiates you from other brands?

Every brand, every influencer, and everyone wants to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The World is a big place, especially the internet. Everyone is fighting to get as many viewers, customers, or leads. As we mentioned before, the animated content will keep your viewers’ attention and is way more eye-catching than still content.

If you have a stable brand identity (BI) and you know exactly what type of marketing materials you need to put on your socials or TV, the animation will just be a cherry on top of it. Because creating animations, their styles, and story shouldn’t be hard for you. But how does it differentiate you from the other brands? Animation in general should be created in your own style, and you should rarely change it. The moving content will keep your brand sealed in together!

When you think, for example, about Apple, what visual do you see in front of your eyes? Probably, a very modern, clean, sophisticated style of moving animations or videos, but with some additional colors and playfulness which differentiate Apple from other “tech brands”. Marketing people who work at or for Apple know exactly how to use those guidelines, keep the style but still keep them fresh and new.

Different example. Coca-cola. Most people when they think about them see the red logo or the color red in general and some sparkles. Weird right? No. Their approach to moving content is to make you feel comfortable, in a way that you want to grab their product and enjoy it. (don’t you feel that those sparkles that we just mentioned remind you about holidays, new years eve, or any other celebration?)

Creating good animated content differentiate you in a way that your customers and leads will always remember about you and they will have some feelings accustomed to you!

Different types of animations and their purpose.
When you understand how animations are impactful for your brand, now you have to understand what type of animation will help your brand the best.
If you are working (or will be working) with an agency and you will be creating the “creative brief” most likely agency will provide you options on which one to choose and which one would be more suitable and profitable for your brand.

But if you want to hire freelancers on your own, you need to understand what type of animation would be the best.

Explainer videos:

Those types of animations are the best when you are launching a new product and you need new potential customers to assimilate with your brand. According to our experience, they work very well on TV, Youtube Ads, or websites.
Thanks to those types of animations you can present your product in the best way and you can show how easy to use it is.

“Reminder animations”:

We call them reminder animations for a reason. Those are types of animations that are quick, short, and effective in a way that your actual or past customers would watch to remind themselves about you. They are mostly super clever and work as a perfect outbound advertisement.

3D or 2D animations?

Everything depends on what type of product you have.
Most small businesses these days are still using 2D animations. And they are still really good. You can create whiteboard animation or typography animation (kinetic typography animation), they are relatively cheap to make now and there are a lot of inexpensive tools which can help you create one on your own.

If you have bigger budgets and you want your brand to really stand out, you would need 3D animations. Creating 3D animation takes much more time than creating 2D animations but the final results are outstanding! We always recommend creating 3D animations for brands that want to grow faster and want to show in their advertisements their worth.
You can create an amazing story with 3D product animations and they are statistically way more eye-catching than the 2D animations.

Animated Pitch:

We create these types of animations for start-ups that want to grow and show their potential investors how amazing is their product. According to our experience, when you have a product that you want to present to investors and you want to gain some capital, it is way more effective when you show them a video that explains it from top to bottom. Because you can show the reality of the product.

When we talk about animations like that we always say to our clients “Show. Don’t tell” - is a very common quote in the filmmaking industry.

Why is the style of animation important in product marketing?

We talked about differentiation and the different types of animation.
It is time to understand the styles and their impacts or feelings behind them.
Here you can find a couple of examples.

Let’s say that your brand is boutique and luxurious. The style of your animation has to be clean. And by “clean” we don’t mean that there has to be only your product on white background. The style of your animations has to be prepared in a way that your potential customers will feel like they just entered a spotless place. And luxurious doesn't always mean that there has to be a lot of gold.
This style is going to make your potential customers feel like they will have a white glove service and they will be a priority for you.

Bright, colorful, and playful animations. Those types of animations are for “cool brands”. Brands that want to grow with their customers. Brands that understand current trends and are a little bit “flashy”. If you want to make your potential customers feel like you are for everyone and you help them improve something in their life, this style of animation would be perfect for you! They will remember how fun you are and they will want to share it with everyone else.

If you are a tech brand or a very modern brand, very often you will need to go with a mysterious and dark, and sophisticated style. For example, when Samsung is advertising their products you will notice connections among their animations. Most likely, you will see that the products that they advertise/animate are in space, or any other abstract (dark and mysterious) place.
This style of animation will make your customers feel like they have to be more curious about you, your technology, and your products. And if well made, this will not turn them off.

The style of your animat has to be created based on your customer target. As almost everything that we’ve mentioned in this article. Your brand and your products define what style should have been used. There should be a lot of deep creative conversations before you start thinking about creating animation - remember about this!

Where to show them and how?

Alright. Now you have an amazing animation. And that is not the end!
If you created it properly and you made it special for your target clients, now you have to promote it. Because “having the best running shoes doesn’t make you the best runner”. If you were working with a good animation agency or marketing agency, they should be already taking care of it.

But if you are taking care of stuff like that on your own, you need to promote it.
You need to know which media you should choose to promote it.
Is it Youtube? Is it TV? Is it LinkedIn? Is it Tiktok?
If you understand your target already, you will know exactly where to post this video and how. And we really hope you know!

For example, when you are working on ads for TV or as an Advertisement before the movie, you can give yourself more time and those animations can be slower. No matter what, people will watch them because they are waiting to watch something that they’ve been wanting to see. And your video has to be prepared in a way that they don’t feel interrupted but they will want to buy your product and they will remember it, even after a 2 hours long movie.

Social Media, like LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and others are completely different stories. When you are preparing a 2D or 3D animation of your product/saas you have to remember 4 seconds rule. If potential customers or leads won’t be interested after 4 seconds of watching, they will most likely not care about you. We know how harsh it sounds, but this is the reality that most marketing/animation agencies are facing daily. There is a very famous quote “good movie/ad has to start with an explosion”.

If your animations are prepared in a good way, now you are good to go and you can promote them! We hope that this article was helpful for you!
This topic is really broad and as always it depends on your situation, your products, and what you are trying to promote. If you need any help, we are always here to help you!
At MPMTeam, we’ve done a lot of different projects like that and we’ve been working with tons of different clients, so for sure, we will know how to help you create your dream animation.

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