How much does it cost to hire a Flutter developer?

20 January7 min read
How much does it cost to hire a Flutter developer?

Ever since its release, Flutter has been no less than a blessing for developers and various companies looking to develop native cross-platform applications. Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google to build multi-platform applications from a single codebase. In one of the recent surveys by Statista, Flutter was identified as the most widely used cross-platform mobile framework by developers. The rising popularity of the framework has surpassed that of React Native, as it is considered one of the easier ones to work with. 

To achieve a faster time to market, you need effective development tools to put every piece in its place, right from choosing the appropriate tech stack to choosing the right app frameworks. You need to have a thorough understanding of the product and consumer demand. 

Why should you choose Flutter over other frameworks?

Below are multiple reasons why Flutter is the most appropriate choice above other frameworks: 

  • Cross-platform:

The main reason behind the popularity of Flutter is its ability to cross platforms. Its SDK can be used for web apps, desktop applications, etc. rather than just limiting it to the usage of mobile applications. 

  • Easy widget customization:

Widget customization can be easily done in Flutter using its custom widget editor. With the help of the editor, you can add any widget to your project. Not just this, but the custom widget can be compiled and previewed directly inside the code editor. 

  • Dynamic code

The hot-reload feature in Flutter can help developers fix everything in an app immediately without the need to restart everything from scratch. This keeps you one step ahead when it comes to experimenting with new features in a mobile development app. You can make all your changes in the code with easy and not-so-complicated steps. 

  • Excellent User Experience

Flutter helps create an outstanding user experience. Its SDK has numerous qualities for creating appealing mobile apps. Flutter apps can be directly compiled into native code without further steps. This framework eliminates additional processing steps, which also results in faster performance of the application. 

  • Best for MVP Development

Flutter is considered one of the appropriate choices for MVP development due to its cost-effectiveness, faster time to market, and flexibility. It speeds up the whole development process with shorter development hours. Also, its SDK consists of enhanced UI elements and interactive designs that are enough to grab the attention of both investors and customers. 

  • Larger Community Support

With the rapid growth of Flutter in today’s app development process, the Flutter community is an open community with 138k stars on GitHub. You can easily tap into and attend several events happening near you to collaborate with the diverse network of Flutter developers. 

Salary comparison:

Factors that affect Flutter developer salaries

As a relative newcomer to the software development industry, there are numerous factors that can influence Flutter developer salaries. 

  • Based on Region:

Flutter has witnessed a constant boom over the past few years. This has significantly affected the average salary and competition among Flutter developers. As per global market standards, the Flutter developer’s salary range differs from region to region. Among Eastern and Western Europe's most popular destinations for Flutter developers, the United States holds the highest price proximity of more than $100,000. They charge over $60k and under $60k, respectively. 

It totally depends on your project requirements and whether you want to go for a full-time Flutter developer, or a part-time developer, or hire them on an hourly basis. Also, you need to prioritize quality and affordability over other common factors associated with the project. Low-cost rates might not guarantee project quality. All you need to do is pay attention to the region or country and your future software partner to make an informed decision. 

  • Based on Experience:

Professionals working with a similar web framework, such as Dart, are likely to start their career at an entry-level position. They can just about achieve it with some minor experience working with Dart, knowledge about third-party libraries, and good communication skills. The average salary for a beginner-level Flutter developer in the US is $70,000 per year. 

Mid-level professionals with several years of experience in Flutter development for both Android and iOS earn almost double what is being offered to entry-level or beginner-level professionals. The average salary for Flutter developers at mid-level in the USA is approximately $120,000 per year. 

Advanced or senior-level professionals are well-versed in the framework's efficient use with the necessary skill set and minimal errors. Such individuals can take on additional responsibilities, such as leadership roles while ensuring smooth collaboration and communication among other teams. They can expect a better salary as per their experience based on their position and job role. The average salary for a senior Flutter developer in the USA is $150,000. 

Below is a brief tabular comparison of Flutter developers' salaries on the basis of their experience and region: 

Region NameEntry- LevelMid-LevelAdvance- Level
Germany€75,000 per annum/ €6250 per month€60,625 per annum/ €5052 per month €97,500 per annum/ €8125 per month
SwitzerlandCHF80,000 (€82,274) per annum/ CHF6667 (€6857) per month CHF87,500 (€89,987) per annum/ CHF7292 (€7499) per monthCHF118,625 (€121,997) per annum/CHF9885 (€10,166) per month
United Kingdom£45,000 (€51,712) per annum/ £3750 (€4309) per month £55,000 (€63,204) per annum/ £4583 (€5267) per month £84,500 (€97,104) per annum or £7042 (€8092) per month
PolandPLN64,800 (€13,789) per annum / PLN5400 (€1149) per monthPLN84,000 (€17,874) per annum or PLN7000 (€1490) per month PLN108,750 (€23,143) per year/PLN9063 (€1929) per month.
Ukraine$1000 and $1500 per month/ $12,000 to $18,000 per annum $67,000 per annum$6000-$7000 per month or $72,000-$84,000 per annum
India₹400,000 (€5023) per annum/ ₹33,333 (€419) per month₹87,500 (€1099) per month₹1,050,000 (€13,186) per year
USA$110,000/ $9167 per month$131,625/$10,969 per month$160,000 per annum or $13,333 per month

Know this before hiring a Flutter developer

Hiring a potential Flutter developer may appear to be a difficult task. Below are some useful tips for you to consider before hiring a Flutter developer: 

1) Project objectives  

Before hiring, you need to be clear about your project requirements and the scope of the project. You should be well versed in the role of a Flutter developer, their responsibilities within your company, deadlines, and how to pave their way when it comes to the successful completion of the project. Having clarity about project objectives will make things easier for both you and your company. 

2) Suitable collaboration model: 

You need to identify which collaboration model will be suitable for your project and company among nearshoring, offshoring, onshoring, and multi-source outsourcing. Based on location, pricing, and availability, you can hire the best talent for the smooth development of your project. All you need to do is make a thorough analysis of your requirements and then go with the option that works best for you based on the above-mentioned parameters. The best thing is that you can outsource your project to the right vendor by choosing the ideal one from Amplifyre’s global network of vetted software companies. 

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3) Your budget 

Budget is one of the key aspects to consider before hiring a potential Flutter developer. As a start-up, you need to be aware of the costs associated with the Flutter developer and mindful of your decisions. Conduct thorough research about the average salary of Flutter developers around the world to make a final decision. 

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