The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

20 September6 min read
The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Many IT firms choose to outsource Mobile App Development team rather than opting their in-house team. As we have already discussed in our post on IT Project Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation, what can be the best when we want to outsource our project, but the decision remains the same, to hire a third party. But there are many parameters which play a vital role while you are outsourcing for Mobile App Development. That’s not just technical parameters but other important factors as well.

But before identifying the factors to remember while outsourcing you should know the types of vendor’s options you have in your bucket:

  1. Boutique IT firms: These types of the firms primarily focus on Full Lifecycle Software/ Web/ iPhone and Android App Development, they have strong technology individuals. They have a relatively small team and mainly focus on client’s technological requirements and deliverables. These firms being more result oriented lack sometimes to follow industry standards but are more scalable and highly flexible.
  1. Big App development organizations: IT firms like Accenture, IBM or TCS are multinational companies which also support Software and Mobile App development. Their strengths include a more agile way of working, better consultation and product strategies, and strong technical support. Being the trustworthy leaders in the market they often deal with National Government projects as well.

Being highly capable, they have some disadvantages too:

  • Less result oriented and lack of responsiveness
  • Lesser alternatives and flexibility than smaller firms to client needs
  • Might not always prioritize your projects, as you expected
  • Typically charges more
  1. Independent Software Developers: There are many talented developers out there, who freelance their services, and earn a good amount in return, rather than being associated with the big or small firms or as their part time jobs.

 So let's jump-in and by the end of this article we will have the vision regarding the best mobile app outsourcing option aligned to your needs.

Company Size: When we want to outsource our mobile application, the first thing to consider can be the company’s size, as we already spoke, they come with different compositions. Some companies come with a smaller number of employees, some with very large or multinational employees and some people might work as a freelancer. Now it’s totally dependent on your business requirements, cost, the model of the project and the other factors to opt for the best IT firm for your mobile app development. Other factors while opting the small or big companies can be the kind of dedication and result you are looking for in your mobile app development.

Qualification and Technology Experience: While you are thinking about outsourcing mobile app development, it’s necessary that you have insights about your technology partner experience beforehand. Just like you always choose that fingerlicking brand when you crave for some yummy food, you might opt for the same experienced technology partner based on their previous clients’ success. Moreover, analyze your business requirements, project ideas and goals. Look out for the development team that has an ample amount of experience in building iOS or Android, or both. You can easily get them started on both platforms by using some smart platforms like Flutter.

Another qualification to look for is domain expertise, which is very important in the long run. Only those who have worked already in your business domain have the knowledge of the major pitfalls in the industry and deliver the maximized output.

Portfolio and Service Model: The company portfolio complements the qualification. As it's mostly related to the client they worked for. The happier the client, the better is the success rate and the better reputation. As When choosing the best outsourcing app development company the positive references help a lot and are convincing enough to take a shot on.

The other most important factor is to be aware of their Service model. Under this ,you have to make sure whether they are working with a dedicated group of in-house experts, such as Backend and Frontend Developer, UI/UX designers, Quality Assurance Engineers, business analysts, and project managers. Or they follow an Outsourcing or Outstaffing approach. As you are already outsourcing your application, you might want a team to work on your project end to end.

Development Cost: It’s essential that you have your Cost Estimation of the application in the first place. As different market leaders have different ways to scale your applications, you have to decide, which matches the best to your estimated cost. To decide on the perfect solution just within your requirements, there are brilliant vetting process solutions available in the market. They not only match your requirements, but also the culture and the cost estimation of your project.

Culture and Communication: Communication is key to success, not just in personal lives, but also in professional lives. Culture and Communication play a vital role to choose the best outsourcing app development team as well. It might be a bit of an underestimating statement but it’s visibly effective eventually. As company culture impacts the thoughtfulness of one another, in the same way, communication gaps lead to unpleasant consequences of outsourcing. So be mindful while choosing Offshore outsourcing.

Client Focus: You might wanna choose a shiny brand in order to make best out of your Mobile App, but is it always necessary that you get what you want from them. So be careful while choosing the technology partner for outsourcing. And that’s the beauty of boutique software companies, they provide you:

  • A tailored solution
  • Comprehensive engagement
  • Niche focused product
  • Better communication
  • Dedicated team

Hence be assured, if you opt for big firms, that they will prioritize your project, timelines and will meet your expectations. And always have an exit strategy agreed from both the parties. 

Delivery Timelines: Always be realistic to your timelines, which is the biggest deliverable while you are outsourcing mobile applications. As it's critically important that your product is launched at the right time and pace in the market. Otherwise it can lead to a disastrous experience. That is why time management is crucial in the software development cycle.

Technical Support & Maintenance: Mobile application technical support and maintenance is very essential for long term success. Let’s take an example, suppose an end user reports an issue and there is no proper support or maintenance available to the mobile application, which results in a bad user experience. That is the least expected scenario any company wants. Hence, it's important that when you choose your outsourcing partners, make sure you have a long term maintenance and technical support available to save your brand image and enhance your hassle-free user experience.

Wrapping up:

Application development is the most persistent Outsourcing service in the Global IT industry, and specially in the USA. And the good news is that Outsourcing turns out to be the most effective solution to build an app without much hassle. The challenges while outsourcing the resources are critical, but can be managed by:

  • Setting your product definitions and vision clear
  • Finding the perfect technical team, professionally and culturally
  • Deciding the cost management

And you don’t even have to do this alone, we have a perfect solution for you available in the market. Vet your requirements and choose three perfect technology partners for your mobile app development, and you can even extend your in-house experts team with them.