The Ultimate Checklist for your Email Marketing Campaigns

20 Sep · 6 min read

The Ultimate Checklist for your Email Marketing Campaigns

Skeptical to launch your first email campaign? Or looking for the email strategies to launch your campaigns more effectively and successfully, and make an impact on your audience. Well you have landed in the right place. 

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in an email for example; too much content, irrelevant designs and the wrong audience. But how do you identify your mistakes for the previous campaigns and make an effective one?

We all must agree that regular email campaigns aren't always successful, so what is something you can do out of the box? 

By the end of the article, you will have the understanding of the “Don’ts” in your email campaign and the ultimate checklist to follow from next time to make your campaign successful. 

Let’s think this through, and make your checklist…!!

Catchy Subject Line: What happens when you run an email campaign? Your email reaches your audience’s inbox, but do they always open it? Do they go through the whole content and serve your purpose, what you expected? Not always, ever wondered why? 

Because, the first interaction of your email to the user is “The Subject Line”. That’s the deciding factor if the user is going to open your email or not. Hence you should make sure that your email campaign has a very catchy, to the point and a curious subject line. 

A/B testing might be helpful to find your perfect title to the campaign to target your audience.

Know your Audience: Identifying your audience is perhaps the first thing in any marketing event, and it is justifiable. For example, if you are selling baby products, your audience is not the babies itself, your market has to be the parents, or to be parents. Just like that, for any email campaign you have to do research on your audience. Once you know it, you own it all.

Setting up Goals: Goals that are predictive and reachable, and align with your expectations, should be your focus for the campaign. You can set up your conversion goals, informative goals, engagement goals for your audience, and make all possible attempts to achieve them.

Punctuality: Your audiences’ attention is all in your hands, neither you can curate too much content nor you can do a blunder to miss sending out the email or any other content. In that case, you need to plan your campaign in advance and all you need to do is just send the click according to your schedules. 

An amazing example for that is Mad Over Marketing. They do not just auto subscribe their users for their newsletter, instead in a very creative manner, they take your consent, and send you amazing newsletters on every Tuesday morning, named as “Chitthi” which means “A letter”. Which is never disappointing and gives you insights about the brands and business news. Fascinating isn’t it?

Tracking your KPIs: Monitoring your email is very important for a successful email campaign. You have visibility of how your email performed, when you are tracking your KPIs. 

Email marketing software like Sendinblue, Hubspot provides you the best services to analyze your KPIs in-depth. Here are some points to keep a track on your email KPIs:

  • Click through rate
  • Number of emails opened
  • Click to open rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Sharing/Forwarding rate

Content Strategy: Once your user clicks on your email, and wants to read it. Content is the only thing for him to stick-in till the end of your email, and click on your CTAs. The journey of conversion starts only if your email content is convincing enough. Now that’s a question mark, how to decide if your email is convincing enough for your audience.

Let’s see how we can make the best content strategy and make a impact on your user, all you have to do is remember 5C’s:

  1. Crisp & Clear subject line, as we spoke earlier your subject has to be promising enough to open the email. A catchy email subject line is the deciding factor to get more clicks on the email.
  2. Curious & Concise Content, when your customer has a relevant and curious content, they immediately start searching for a CTA, all you have to do is analyze your audience pain points and there you go, half of your tension is lifted. Another thing to remember is, do not make your content too large, keep it short and simple.
  3. Creatives, It’s a well known fact that a human brain remembers visuals more than the text. Study says human brain remembers visuals 60,000 faster than the text. Hence it’s a great way to catch your audience’s attention by creative designs, small gifs. Which gives them the idea of your email, quicker than ever.
  4. CTA, Call to Action button is very very important for email success. Never miss out to include a direct link to the CTA button. CTA helps you generate more sales, conversions. It also makes your email more friendly and promising. It is recommended to add catchy, quirky and luring CTAs to get more leads on your sites.
  5. Casual Language: Remember, not everyone is aware of marketing jargons, so using simple language keeps your users relate more. A casual language will help you to connect with almost every user. And the more they relate, the more conversion rate can be recorded.

Clean Your Contacts: When you are about to run an email campaign, your marketing and sales team will curate an audience list of past campaigns. But it's not mandatory that email has to be sent to the same audience. Your email campaign requires a set of audience depending upon the niche and content of the campaign. Hence filtering your contacts before sending out the email is a really crucial step to make your campaign impactful.

When you are filtering your contacts, there are a few things to remember:

  • Focus on quality and not the quantity, send it to only estimated audience
  • Don’t let your brand value hamper, sending email to a large amount of people might end up being in spam folders
  • Make sure the reasons of email bounce,and work on a smart strategy to avoid the bounce

QA for your final Email: Once you are ready with the email content, you should always proofread it once to avoid any mistakes. QA not only helps you to avoid mistakes but also gives you a different perspective on how a user is gonna react to the email. A few things to remember while assuring the quality of your email campaign:

  • Check for typos, grammatical errors
  • Broken Links
  • Test the layout of your email on different devices by sending a Test Email, which is very important. Sometimes an email necessarily not look on your audience’s device as you expect
  • Test an email for different email clients as well, such as Outlook, Gmail, IOS mail etc.

Now that you are sure, you can send a hit button.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that you have got an ultimate checklist to keep a check on all these parameters before sending out your marketing campaigns email. Make sure that your content is personalized for your audience to relate more. Once you get the idea of a successful campaign, there is no going back. Till then, Happy Emailing!

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