Typescript Vs JavaScript

6 Oct · 4 min read

Typescript Vs JavaScript

If you are a developer, then there are strong chances that you must have got the chance to work with JavaScript at some point in your career. As per Statista Reports, 65.36% of developers stated that they used JavaScript making it the most widely used programming language around the world. The fascinating stats surely makes JavaScript one of the popular scripting languages in the developer’s community. With the evolving world of technology, there always comes an extended version in the market that offers competition to the previous one. And that competition is none other than- Typescript to JavaScript. According to Survey Reports, 34.83% of developers prioritize using TypeScript as another widely used programming language which is an enhanced version of JavaScript. Before, exploring further, let us understand the definition of each language in detail: 

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used for web development that allows web pages to be more responsive and interactive. The scripts in JavaScript are written in HTML and get executed at the run time. JavaScript can also be used with other programming languages to deliver the best to create dynamic web pages i.e., user input validation, content modification without page reloading, etc. The language is lightweight and cross-platform which is supported by most browsers. 

What’s TypeScript?

Nowadays, whenever you are asked which programming language is better than JavaScript- “The obvious answer will be TypeScript.” 

TypeScript is a free and open-source language maintained by Microsoft. In simpler words, it is a dynamic programming language to write clear and concise JavaScript code. It was built to ensure the successful development of large applications. It can also be used to develop JavaScript applications for both client-side and server-side execution. Code written in JavaScript can be easily converted into TypeScript by switching the extension from .js to .ts. 

Why was TypeScript Developed Despite having JavaScript?

Initially, JavaScript was introduced as a client-side programming language. As time passed, developers realized that JavaScript can be used as a server-side programming language. This made the language too complex to handle and unfit to fulfil the requirements of the Object-Oriented Language. This made JavaScript fail as a language for server-side technology to take off in an enterprise. In order to bridge this gap, the development of TypeScript took place. 

Comparison Between JavaScript and TypeScript

Now, let us compare the important features of both programming languages that make them different from one another: 

Why JavaScript? 

  • It is a cross-platform language useful for both client and server-side applications.
  • Pretty much easy to learn and implement.
  • Doesn’t support Type Static typing.
  • Code written in JavaScript is implemented during run time.
  • Mainly used for small-scale projects.
  • It does not support prototyping.
  • The code is directly executed by the browser.
  • Offers good community support and great resources to resolve the issues faced by the developer.
  • Bugs can be identified during the run time due to no compilation.
  • Consists of a strong testing workflow.
  • Offers support for classes, modules, and interfaces.

Why TypeScript? 

  • It is a superset of JavaScript and contains the additional features that weren’t included in JavaScript.
  • As compared to JavaScript, it takes time to learn and implement.
  • Static and Dynamic Typing both are supported in TypeScript.
  • Code written in TypeScript is implemented before run time.
  • Mainly useful for the development of large and complex projects.
  • Prototyping can be performed.
  • The code is first implemented by the compiler and then gets executed by the browser.
  • It doesn’t have large community support.
  • Bugs can be easily identified during run time.
  • Availability of Rich IDE with autocomplete and code navigation features.
  • Provides support for JS libraries and documentation.

And it is a never-ending list with rich features…

Which is Better: JavaScript or TypeScript?

With the above being said and done, both programming languages hold specific importance in web development. The choice of opting whether to consider TypeScript or JavaScript totally depends on the project requirement and familiarity of the developer. If you’re working on a small enterprise project, then it’s better to consider JavaScript as it’s easy to master as well but for long and complex projects, TypeScript is the suitable option. Since the language continues to evolve with time, being aware of the new updates and features of the language is the need of the hour for developers. However, JavaScript offers vast community support, but being the superset of JavaScript, it can be easily utilized by developers to implement Typescript for the successful development of web pages. 

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