Top Tools to Automate Tasks and Boost Productivity

13 Sep · 4 min read

Top Tools to Automate Tasks and Boost Productivity

  As a person who is occupied with multiple tasks at hand, you’re continuously searching for effective ways to reduce time-consuming processes. Managing all tasks in one go can be pretty stressful and time-consuming.  To eliminate manual processes in your workflow, you need to practice various automation tools that boost productivity and increase your speed. As per Zapier’s State of Business Automation Survey Report 2021, 2 out of 3 employees are satisfied with their work because they automate their tasks. This has fuelled productivity among various departments. Choosing the right app based on your requirement will make things easier for you and will save you from recurring tasks. 

Below are some of the top tools to automate your day-to-day tasks and boost productivity: 

1. Airtable

With a convincing and simple user interface, Airtable is an easy-to-use solution for teams looking to automate their tasks. Its intuitive and interactive design helps you deal with complex problems with great ease. The app syncs your day-to-day tasks as per your business requirement. You can create easy-to-link data models by connecting records from different tables. Its customizable fields enable you to store all your relevant data in a proper manner. This powerful platform has helped big companies such as Shopify, Netflix, and GitHub to connect their data, workflows, and teams all in one place. More than 300,000+ companies use Airtable as a popular solution to bring all your data together. 

2. Trello

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that helps you in the effective organization of projects and keeps your activity log up to date. The platform allows organizations to integrate their Team apps with Trello workflow. Some of those popular integrations include Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, Twitter, etc. Its user-friendly mobile application makes it more popular among users. In fact, the best thing is it offers you all most of its features for free. Although it also has a premium service most of the important features are available in the free version itself. 

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is an extremely powerful CRM platform that has been in the game for so long. It is known for its wide range of automation tools- which includes email marketing automation, building, and executing sales funnel templates. With the help of HubSpot, you can easily create email workflows for potential clients. It has everything that is beneficial for the successful marketing of start-ups and enterprises. With its so many offerings, HubSpot has the most expensive pricing range as compared to other tools. The outstanding features of the platform attract more than 400000 subscribers and attract over 4.5 million monthly users. 

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is yet another best platform when it comes to dealing with complex emails and newsletters. It serves as a perfect marketing automation platform for businesses.  The platform helps you to send out email campaigns to a list of email subscribers as per your subscription plan. It also assists you in building and automating a landing page, carrying out social media ads, and more. With its user-friendly approach and interactive design, the platform helps businesses make desired marketing efforts seamlessly. 

5. Zapier

Zapier is among the top automation tools that help you automate repetitive tasks with great convenience. It helps you integrate well-known apps such as Google, Dropbox, and Salesforce to ensure easy transfer of data. The tool is capable of automating your work across 5000+ integrations. This helps you focus on your core tasks. The platform consists of pre-defined templates right from lead generation to social media marketing. It also offers you the freedom to customize your workflows based on your team’s requirements. Its effortless and user-friendly design helps companies keep their workflow intact. Zapier offers you a free plan that ensures access to already existing apps and 100 tasks to build one-to-one connections with your chosen apps. 

Save Your Time Now!

With above mentioned automated tools, you can easily streamline your business processes to save a lot of time. With plenty of options available for task automation out there in the market, you can easily see with manual tasks you can easily automate. Also, one needs to keep in mind that opting for the tools that resonate with your needs is a must. Businesses should take thorough advantage of such automation tools to level up their competitive game. This will help them stay efficient and increase work productivity in the long run. Thus, automating your tasks will not only improve team collaboration but will also free up your team to concentrate on the priority tasks. 

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