8 Employee Recognition Tools for HR Teams

11 October7 min read
8 Employee Recognition Tools for HR Teams

An effective recognition program drives corporate results, according to 90% of HR respondents. In addition, they overwhelmingly (91%) concur that it helps with retention.

Employees are both your most precious asset and your most significant expense. Since hiring and training new employees costs money, you want them to be content, effective and devoted for the long term.

However, keeping good personnel in the cutthroat workplace of today is challenging. As a result, more and more companies are looking for employee experience technologies. These software programs help you raise employee satisfaction levels, producing workers who enjoy their work and bottom-line earnings that take care of themselves.

This article will explore the top employee engagement solutions available right now. Then, we'll demonstrate some of our favourites and describe what makes them excel.

What Is an Employee Recognition Tool?

Employee recognition software is the innovation that allows you to manage abstract human ideas like employee engagement and interactions with the same intent and performance that you do task deadlines and sales targets.

When thoughtful peers and managers use employee recognition software can improve your company culture.

10 Best Employee Recognition Tools

We've gathered eight excellent employee recognition examples to help get your creative juices flowing. In addition, we've chosen programs from companies worldwide to provide you with a diverse sample of significant company initiatives.

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You can implement staff appreciation programs with the aid of the intriguing employee engagement platform called Empuls. It creates a steady line of communication between the teams, managers, and employees.

You can use Empuls to generate opportunities and gauge staff engagement by asking for proactive input. It also enables you to speak and listen to the staff members and address the root causes of disengagement. It is simple to identify proper conduct and give visibility to each employee's efforts. Recognize and reward employees for their outstanding work when they reach or surpass organizational goals.

By finding creative ways to increase your employees' wages, this program also enables you to maximize their savings. In addition, you can register for a no-risk trial of this program.


Assembly gathers your workforce in one location. This involves a culture of teamwork with improved comprehension and context. You may connect organizational projects, teams, and workflows using this software.

You can add important holidays and other noteworthy dates to the assembly. As a manager or member of HR, you can always remember to recognize each of your employees in this way. It enables you to set up a bespoke procedure that reflects your objectives. The ideal replacement for several tools you employ independently for different duties is assembly.

Proof Hub

ProofHub is an award-winning work management and team collaboration software used by over 85,000 teams and businesses worldwide. ProofHub offers a comprehensive suite of features under one virtual roof to help users manage various aspects of their work without switching between multiple tools. It is simple to operate, spontaneous, and influential.

ProofHub enables project managers, leaders, and employees to track and monitor work performance at each stage. Organizations can use the data to recognize and reward their top performers on time, which motivates their employees to work harder.


Awardco combines your favourite aspects of Amazon into a platform for recognition, culture, and experience. With an official partnership with Amazon Business, Awardco provides your organization with millions of reward options, lower vendor fees, and dollar-for-dollar spending.

Many businesses are dealing with high turnover in a highly competitive labour market. Customers like Ford, JPMorgan Chase, Pinterest, and Chick-fil-A rely on Awardco to build culture and retain key employees. Awardco is best suited for organizations with more than 100 employees. Awardco assists in the development of world-class programs that have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Companies save money on vendor costs, administrators save time on manual tasks, and employees have a better experience—from onboarding to anniversaries.


Employee recognition does not always have to be complicated, and a simple round of applause will suffice. Typeform is a Barcelona-based company that creates visually appealing, interactive online forms and surveys.

Typeform has an internal playbook that guides teammates on the core values and attributes they should adhere to. "Celebrating with spontaneous applause" is one of the playbook's elements. That means that anyone in the workplace can start a round of applause to recognize one of their coworkers for a job well done. Everyone participates, resulting in a wonderful moment of informal recognition for one exceptional employee.


Bonusly is an easy-to-use and enjoyable employee recognition software that provides a diverse rewards catalogue and insightful analytics to increase employee engagement. Additionally, it promotes and streamlines the peer-to-peer recognition process, which drives the company's values. It was created and designed for both users and administrators.

The app automates birthdays, work anniversaries, and team events and offers customizable reward options. In addition, Bonusly's 360-degree recognition allows everyone to visualize teamwork, allowing your employees to appreciate one another and foster strong working relationships.

Bonusly is a simple interface with valuable features that results in an excellent user experience. For example, it allows peers to recognize one another, managers to recognize their reporters, and so on.


Lattice Is a cloud-based employee performance tool that assists HR teams in getting the most out of their employees. It is available on desktop and mobile platforms and focuses primarily on performance evaluation and goal management.

Managers can allocate tasks to staff and record their accomplishments. In addition, they can view ongoing tasks via various productivity graphs. Using the admin dashboard, they can also create custom questions for performance reviews and analysis.

Managers can analyze the review status for individuals and teams using the reporting features included. In addition, all reports are saved for future reference and comparison. This tool works with various HR software, including BambooHR, Personio, and Gusto. Lattice starts at $9/user/month. There is no free trial, but a demo can be requested.


The employee experience and evaluation software from PerformYard have flexible features that assist HR teams in creating a simple employee experience. Your HR team will get the tools they need to build out their employee evaluation strategies with PerformYard. In addition, employees will benefit from streamlined expertise that enables them to concentrate on providing quality feedback and having an effective quality group discussion.

PerformYard provides a flexible employee evaluation solution tailored to your organization's strategy, such as 360s, project-based reviews, rating scales, continuous feedback, and cascading goals.

PerformYard facilitates feedback and quality conversations rather than trying to insert itself or replace important discussions. In addition, every customer receives a dedicated customer success manager from PerformYard. From employee onboarding to ongoing support, you'll have someone on your side to assist you.


Another popular employee recognition software program, Nectar, makes it simple for businesses and employees to recognize peers who have excelled at work. Nectar's 360 rewards and recognition platform supports top-down and peer-to-peer recognition.

The tool combines a variety of employee recognition rewards, such as employee discounts, swag management, and social recognition, to help your organization create a positive environment.

Nectar streamlines your employee incentive program, creating and maintaining a highly engaged and connected work culture, whether you manage an in-office or remote workforce.


TINYpulse is a tool for employee engagement and feedback. It provides real-time data on whether employees are satisfied, dissatisfied, or about to quit. The goal is to foster a culture of peer recognition, motivate employees, and reward top performers.

Team members can provide anonymous employee feedback using TINYpulse. This can be done via a browser or a mobile app. In addition, managers have access to a dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of feedback from across the organization.

Slack, BambooHR, Microsoft Teams, and Workday are just a few of the platforms that this tool integrates with. In addition, on request, TINYpulse provides customized pricing.

Final Thoughts

The most precious resource in any business is its workforce. No of the size or type of organization, dissatisfied employees with low morale and self-confidence are warning indicators.

Use the best employee recognition software, which includes robust features like task management, communication, time tracking, file management, and other areas, to ensure your staff has the most up-to-date technology.

As a result, they will be able to work more productively by avoiding stress and needless manual labour.

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