Best Platforms to Find your Next Software Partner

14 Oct · 10 min read

Best Platforms to Find your Next Software Partner

With the increasing appeal of technology nowadays, your business also needs to gear up to the matching speed of leading high tech. In the new normal, you have to get acquainted with the digitization processes with the mindset of getting the most out of modern technologies. Whether you want your business unit to expand or outsource it, you can look out for software partners to get your work done.

To support the best solution for your business striving for profitable expansion without losing time and money, you must pick the most robust software that will not only meet your exact requirements but also be pocket-friendly. Thus, the feasibility of making use of the right software partners can prove to be a game changer for you. It will help your business to build, collaborate and streamline your entire ecosystem. 

It can be tedious at times to find the correct software partner to match you with your curated business aspects and requirements. To make your job effortless and bridge the gap, here are few of the platforms that you can count on.


Since its inception in 2020, the in-demand, widespread, and one of most intelligent algorithms to match precise software partners, you will find a business with Amplifyre. Be it adding developers to your in-house team, or if you want to outsource your entire project. Amplifyre delivers with the top companies that uniformly matches your demands and requisites.

It is a 360-degree data-driven system that matches the best software developers or a whole dedicated team globally. It is targeted to get your work done to correspond with 3 highly compatible teams from a globular pool of vetted software companies in simple steps as follows:

  1. Depict your need by booking a free call with Amplifyre’s IT consultant to impart your project requirements. The consultant will assist you through the complete process and also advise you on the best solution for your project.
  2. Amplifyre’s data-driven matching system assesses your project requirements to identify the top 3 most befitting companies for your project.
  3. Finally you connect with your top 3 matches to get to know them more, ask queries and share your concerns. The whole process will be guided for you to choose and hire your most suitable and compatible software team.

If you are under the impression that all of these are chargeable, then the cherry on the cake is that it is all free. You are directly in touch with your desired software partner or company to discuss the project in detail. You will have the option to choose to either outsource or out staff.

Amplifyre is your pal helping you to choose your next software partner targeting a wide range of operating industries such as health, financial, commerce, petroleum and many more.

Website: Amplifyre


Pangea is a platform aimed to create a universe for software vendors committed to your project requirement. It accelerates your search for software designing and development by unlocking a world-class talent pool in minutes. Lets see how Pangea is in action:

  1. Explore and filter a database of best-fit software vendors and related profiles based on search metrics and benchmarks.
  2. You receive a tailored and brief list of applications from vendors after you share your requisites.
  3. You get to shortlist and interact with desirable vendors with a push of a button.
  4. With data handy, Pangea lets you engage with vendors by merit-based selection approach.

Explore the Pangea Space

Pangea got you covered for your all-around requirements housing a wide range of services and resources. You can pick from an extended variety of engagement models that match your specific preferences. Be it new product development, project handovers, team augmentation, and support & maintenance. Pangea’s software partners can supply the right services for your requirement. A list of services that you will be provided includes system integration, cloud services, data visualization, and strategic consulting. Pangea matches an extensive catalog of all your modern tech-stacked demands and frameworks including React, Python, Go, Scala, Swift, Ruby, Kotlin, and much more. Moreover, it keeps you ahead of the curve by collaborating with partners which specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Robotics to name a few.

Website: Pangea


Another great platform for you to track down your ideal software partner. YouTeam helps you find the right team by leveraging a wide network of vetted partners and contractors from hundreds of development agencies around the world. YouTeam works in simple steps as follows:

  1. YouTeam launches your personalised matching process by initiating an intro call with team advisors who ensures that the talent they source exquisitely matches your requirements.
  2. You get your matches in mere 48 hours in which YouTeam cherry-picks the prime candidates from its vast pool of engineering teams. And it schedules interviews for you after all pre-screenings of your needs.
  3. You begin your work right away as YouTeam eases invoicing and contract signing between you and your chosen software partner companies.

Key Benefits

You get flexible and efficient scaling by expanding or reducing your remote team size on demand. Pace your recruitment process with YouTeam with its 1 week time-to-contract process. Reduce your hassle with its dedicated support as you get an exclusive Customer Success Specialist. YouTeam claims to provide long-term predictability as its engineers work with customers for 2 years on average. You can save your time by only reviewing the matching partners and get access to vetted professionals in BigData, ML, IoT and a lot more.

Website: YouTEAM


It is yet another B2B Marketplace for finding your next software partner. You receive free proposals and get in touch with the right software agency partner. It houses thousands of verified partners which serves you with a fleet of projects be it software development, branding or website redesign. DesignRush makes your life easy by categorising the services that its verified partners provide at your fingertips. For example social media and e-Commerce marketing partners, web and app development under technology partners, staffing and accounting firms under business services partners and the list goes on.

DesignRush works in simply 4 steps:

  1. You share your required project particulars and details including description, necessary expertise, schedule and budget with their advisor.
  2. It browses through its extensive directory and will shortlist the partners that match your proficiency and budgetary requirements.
  3. DesignRush evaluates the shortlisted partners and validates their capabilities against your schedule and timeline aligning with your software requirements.
  4. Finally, its advisors will put in place upto 5 best software partners via email. Post this, you get to communicate directly with the anticipated service providers.

You will be provided of service to a vast range of targeted industries for your next software project. Few of such industries include Telecommunications, IT and Services, Consumer Goods, Veterinary, and a lot more.

Website: DesignRush


It excels in finding and promoting software products and services from millions of B2B tech companies curated just for you. Advance your business game with GoodFirms by choosing a wide variety of leading software partners. It implements a matrix methodology which is the systematic process by which GoodFirms provides grade and ranking to organisations based on a Company Performance Algorithm. This algorithm works by estimating and evaluating the overall performance of any organisation on several prearranged metrics and competencies. The evaluation helps you to decide the ranking of your software partners that matches closely with all your requirements. Post evaluation process, partners are further classified into four distinct quadrants as follows:

  1. Industry Contenders
  2. Industry Leaders
  3. Upcoming Achievers
  4. Market Influencers

You can dive into their methodology for finding the top software partners for you from here.

GoodFirms offers you to choose your right partner for your next project in various worldwide industries like real estate, healthcare, education, finance and a lot more.

Website: GoodFirms


Your all-in-one platform to help you grow your business by putting forward prospective partners and clients for your next software project build. Clutch helps you in finding your next business partner by providing popular services as per your software development needs. It simplifies your hunt for the correct partner by imparting a dedicated class of services and resources. Grow your business with this platform which brings a basket of vendors and partners into the limelight for you. Clutch bags over hundreds of services that line up with your needs, be it a mobile app or web app development or the latest IT solutions like BI, BigData, and Cybersecurity. It operates in the following fashion:

  1. First, you browse for your companies and partners in Clutch’s directories.
  2. Filter your focal criteria of requirements and you get to glance at verified in-depth reviews.
  3. Finally, you shortlist your top pick of partners or skip rattling off thousands of companies and get a custom to shortlist by sharing your project details, timeline, and budget with Clutch.

Clutch makes use of its research methodology in which it ranks service providers and partners through a matrix that provides a wide view of top-functioning companies. It is your first step in picking the business partner you might want to hire. Clutch has the ability to deliver a score for different partners based on brand presence, client reviews, and past working experience in its intended market. You can make your call by looking into a focus score that takes into account the services which are represented as service lines on each and every partner’s profile. Collectively, this score impacts how a partner ranks on directories of Clutch for you to choose the precise and finest.

Website: Clutch

TDA (Top Digital Agency)

It majors in streamlining the process of hiring, financing, and managing service providers and partners for all your digital projects. TDA’s industry comprehension and relationships with top software partners around the globe ensure that you discover the optimum match for your business requirements. Shrink your search for a matching partner using TDA to outsource cybernated projects rapidly so that you can center your time and resources on your core business. You rest assured with TDA’s project tracking and defined milestones. It puts it at lower risk by resolving any issues that you might face in finding your next partner down the road. TDA can be trusted for its better outcome for you by verifying service providers. It is done by scrutinizing examples of previous domain work, platform engagement, and client reviews to be on the safer side ensuring your project will be completed to a high standard. Additionally, you get to accelerate your software project to quickly scale your business by taking advantage of TDA’s flexible payment solution.
TDA platform offers you a marketplace to search for the perfect partner for your business needs. It casts its providers and partners to exhibit their competence and products in a meaningful and transparent way. In finding your partners to work with, you can proceed with three options TDA has to provide as follows:

  1. Service Packages
  2. Using the Listing Pages for Partner profiles
  3. Posting a project

You can have a broader picture from here about TDA’s range of partner services like Web Development, Web Design, E-Commerce, etc.

Website: TDA


Turing helps you to source, match and manage the world’s top software developers and partners remotely. It implements its AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud to deliver you the absolute software partner required for your business demands. Turing leverages global sourcing of companies, intelligent vetting, extensive matching with automated On-The-Job Quality Control. It is tailored to your requirements according to the developer's role, tech stack and seniority level. 

Turing is known to have its pace which saves your time in hunting the right software partner so that you can start right off with your project requirements. It projects a high Quality/Cost Ratio by hiring silicon valley excellence at half the cost. Turing has 100+ skills available for you to choose from. You can look out for skills like React, Node, Golang, ML, and more. You will be at zero risk of paying anything if you decide to wind up within two weeks.

You get to witness an effective on-demand collaboration with Turing with its high visibility to manage what’s most valuable to you in your journey to encounter your next software partner for your business.

Website: Turing

Bottom Line

There are numerous B2B marketplaces available in the present market that excel to provide you with a simpler gateway to outsource your software projects. You can choose from a far-flung fleet of platforms that are primed to deliver you with the perfect fitted software partner corresponding to your business requirements. To make the best use of such platforms, you should have your prior set of goals all set to achieve the principal objective of your core business.

Keeping up all your schedules, timelines and most importantly your budget to line up with your expected outcome is utterly mandatory. All the platforms that are ready to serve you are backed up with intelligent backend logic that makes you choose the best out of the best partners according to your needs. Go for the reviews and star ratings that these platforms have to offer, so that you will be one step ahead with the perks and hurdles that other clients might have faced. At the end of the day, choosing a smart way to achieve business surplus within a stipulated amount of time is what matters. 

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