Top AI Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2021

4 Jun · 6 min read

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When you work in artificial intelligence, you need to refresh your knowledge constantly to avoid slipping behind the field. And the best way to keep up is to follow the right resources.

We recently recommended the top AI influencers to follow in 2021, but there’s more to life than social media. That’s why, today, we’re turning our attention to eleven websites that focus squarely on AI. 

These brilliant AI blogs are well worth your attention. For clarity, we’ve also categorized each one as follows:

  • Business: for advice and ideas on how to use AI in your company
  • News: for general information, including the latest discoveries and innovations
  • Technical: for developers at any level looking to improve, whether through webinars or online courses

Ready? Let’s go.

11 AI Blogs and Websites to Read In 2021

1. AI Trends (Business)

We open the list with AI Trends, founded by Eliot Weinman. It’s one of the most-visited AI blogs out there, offering insights on applications in eCommerce, healthcare, and energy — among many other industries.

It’s the perfect resource for any entrepreneur who’d like to steal a march on the competition by using an emerging technology. Besides the latest news, you’ll also find details on upcoming events and webinars. 

2. MIT News (News)

Many technologists dream of studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And it’s easy to see why. MIT conducts all sorts of groundbreaking research, with the progress and results published straight on its blog.

Better still, you can follow the MIT community’s achievements on their YouTube channel, which is the next best thing to actually studying there.

3. The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (News)

Keeping things academic: the next blog on the list is from another acclaimed US university. The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab brings together UC Berkeley researchers from across machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

And the blog gives BAIR an outlet to share its findings with the world, helping people like you stay up to speed with the latest goings-on in AI.

4. Analytics Vidhya (Developers)

Analytics Vidhya is the blog for data scientists. Specialists from the field share insights via in-depth articles, which include tips and guides that are as useful for amateurs as they are for professionals.

You’ll also find a variety of training programs and an insightful forum — while the site likes to host the odd hackathon, in case you ever want to sharpen your skills.

5. Towards Data Science (Developers/Business)

Towards Data Science is a Medium publication that helps specialists exchange ideas and expand the general understanding of data science. The site invites independent writers to publish articles (and you can find one on there from our very own Przemek ‘Shemmy’ Majewski).

It’s a solid resource for data scientists at any level. You can see what others in your field are working on while staying up to speed on the most important developments.

6. KDnuggets (Developers)

KDnuggets is a must-read, plain and simple. You’ll find new articles every day, covering the latest developments that programmers need to know. You’ll also see the details of upcoming tutorials, courses, and training, which is always a bonus.

Besides that, there’s also a library of data sets that may prove helpful in your latest projects, not forgetting the range of valuable certificates that you can earn. 

7. Science Daily (News)

The name says it all: Science Daily is an excellent source of the latest discoveries, covering everything from psychology to global warming. Of course, we’re here to learn about AI, and there’s plenty of coverage of that — and if you’re interested in academic research, here’s the blog for you.

8. Algorithmia (Developers)

Algorithmia builds machine learning infrastructure. And the company’s blog, as you’d expect, contains a wealth of knowledge about the field. Expect articles galore that dive into everything on the subject.

If you’re looking to get into machine learning or considering using it in your company, here’s the resource for you.

9. Great Learning (Developers)

If you’re on the hunt for a knowledge base that also offers upskilling, Great Learning is where it’s at. The site has heaps of free tutorials and courses, often targeted at beginners, including cloud foundations, Python for ML, introduction to R, or data visualization.

10 NVIDIA Blog & NVIDIA Developer (Developers/Business)

NVIDIA is like royalty in the tech sector: the company invented the GPU, which creates interactive graphics on laptops, workstations, mobile devices, notebooks, PCs, and more — and the company shares how it all works across these two sites.

The first covers more general technology topics, including how AI is improving sectors like networking and healthcare. The second is more technical, aimed squarely at developers.

Expect more focused subject matter, covering artificial intelligence, data science, and deep learning. The company also runs a very active forum on the site, giving developers a great place to find an answer to nearly any AI-related question.

11. DLabs.AI (Developers/Business)

We’d be doing ourselves a disservice to forget our blog. After all, we’re a leading Central European software development and consulting company that designs and builds automated, custom AI software solutions for businesses. 

And we have plenty of insights to share. Our AI blog contains articles written by specialists in JavaScript, Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, and more.

Plus, we share many practical walkthroughs of how businesses can implement AI.

What AI Blogs or Websites Have We Missed?

We hope you found plenty to interest you in this list. And we’re sure you have plenty of resources you could add as well.

If you use a website or blog you think our readers need to know about, then please let us know. We’re always on the hunt for new sources of information. It’s the best way for us to stay up to speed with the wonderful world of AI.


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