Top 7 UI/UX Trends in 2022

9 Feb · 4 min read

Top 7 UI/UX Trends in 2022

The use of digital services is increasing every single day. But, as designers, how can we improve the experience of a consumer? The launch of the metaverse, rise in AR/VR and many other advancements in 2021 has made the coming years quite exciting for designers. Here are our predictions on trends in UI/UX this year. 

Trend 1: Scrollytelling

Move over mindless scrolling, it’s time for scrollytelling to take over! With scrollytelling, scrolling and storytelling come together to create a narrative for the webpage. As the user scrolls down the page, the story unfolds aesthetically. This is an innovative way to leverage the scrolling interface to convey your story. 

One of the best examples for scrollytelling is this article that talks about the financial plight of millennials. The scrollable interface has graphics, data, text and animations contributing to an exciting, yet informative story. 

Trend 2: Large Typography

The trend of large letters has been on since a few years, and it only getting bigger in 2022. We’ll see a lot bolder typeface, with little to no visuals, on most leading websites. UI/UX designers are maximising the audience’s information retention by letting the text take centre stage on important landing pages. 

This, combined with interactive/animated transitions, creates a dynamic experience for the reader. 

Trend 3: 3D Logos

Y2k trends are returning now, and with it, we see the resurge of 3D logos. While the older 3D logos came with a lot of complexities, thus getting replaced with the flat design ones, the 3D logos we see today are a lot more versatile. We can now integrate animated 3D logo onto websites at a much lower load time than earlier. 

At Meta, a major part of their rebranding was their new logo. The cool blue infinity-like symbol combined with the ‘M’-like look depicts the infinite possibilities in the metaverse. 

Trend 4: Native Desktop Apps

Several web mobile apps are now focusing their efforts on creating native desktop applications. Apps like Figma and Slack have noticed how their consumers prefer the desktop apps for the useability and comfort. These apps now run on their independent windows, away from the distraction of multiple tabs that we tend to have open at all times. The independent desktop apps also allow for easier notifications, thus improving productivity. 

Trend 5: Microinteractions

Microinteractions, as the name suggests, are small interactive moments. These can be implemented on most actions like clicking, swiping, hovering, and even combinations of actions. You might have noticed several websites in which elements move or light up while you hover on them, or even hear a little bell or beep when you receive a message or notification. These are all microinteractions that we might not even notice, but have a trigger-feedback relationship with our brains. 

Trend 6: Data visualization

Putting data into a visual context and composing a story for the viewer is called data visualization. In 2022, more brands will be searching for data that can improve user experience and benefit customers' lives. While data was presented in a simpler way earlier, with charts and graphs, apps are now finding more fun and entertaining ways to make data more engaging. 

For example, rather than just telling you how much time you spent on their app, Spotify also ranks you among all their other users while also creating custom playlists with your favourite tracks. 

Trend 7: AR/VR

As we continue to stay indoors, the world now craves for alternative realities. The advancements in the metaverse, with major companies getting involved in it, is a proof that AR and VR tech will continue to reign for more years to come. 

2022 will bring in more immersive, personalized and unique alternative playgrounds in virtual reality. This will significantly change the way we design, as creating real-time experiences takes centre stage in AR. 

Final Thoughts

While the trends mentioned above are all the rage now, 2022 is nowhere close to the end for them. In fact, these are just setting the foundations for the coming years. To create or revamp your website or app, contact Euroart93. Our design experts are here to guide you through your next project. 

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