Top 6 Sketch Plugins to Boost Your Productivity

15 Nov · 5 min read

Top 6 Sketch Plugins to Boost Your Productivity

The collective experience of working at Miquido is full of crazy opportunities and challenges. As a designer, it’s important to organize your workflow to get the creative juices flowing. Organizing the file is the first step before the implementation of the project. To do quick file management to avoid irrelevant issues across teams, one can make use of sketch plugins to resolve the above concern. 

In this article, let’s discuss about six sketch plugins necessary for a designer to boost productivity in more detail: 

Rename It

Rename It has 3 great options:

  1. Rename Selected Layers
  2. Rename Selected Artboards
  3. Find and Replace Layers/Artboards Name

The best thing about the “Rename It” plugin is that it allows you to change the naming tags. One can add different keywords to a layer/artboard name.

Symbol Instance Locator

Symbol Instance Locator is the Sketch Plugin used to remove the unnecessary symbols that are hard to find based on their naming conventions.

Follow the below steps:

Select the symbol that you’re unable to locate.

Press Plugins> Symbol instance Locator>Symbol Instance Locator.

A popup will appear with a piece of detailed information.

Now, you might be wondering about the missing symbol image in one of the rows in the image placed above. It is probably due to the hidden layer hidden as this plugin conducts its searches within the overrides. 

Note: One can select all the symbols on one page with a single click. 

Pro-user tip: The frequent use of this plugin will present you with a shortcut. All you need to do is select the symbol and press ⌥⇧⌘L on the keyboard. 

Sort Me

Sort Me plugin is used to arrange the layers in an appropriate order. It is of 2 types: 

  1. Ascending
  1. Descending

With relevance quickly fix order of your items, one needs to select the necessary layers and use the shortcuts:  ⌃⇧O and ⌃⇧P. 

Symbol Organizer

This plugin is indeed a game-changer. In this plugin, a new symbol is added to the symbols page automatically. Your symbol page will look similar to the image shown below: 

Symbol organizer changes everything for good as symbols are arranged in a disordered way by default. There are multiple options to customize your symbols in the most convenient way possible. You can choose the relevant spacing between symbols and groups followed by the addition of relevant group titles and text style. 

After customizing your settings, click organize and look for the perfect symbols page presented in front of you. Furthermore, this plugin makes your work simpler by decluttering your file leading to effective file management

Merge Duplicate

Usually, the name and design of a copied symbol remain the same. Since there is no possibility of removing the copy due to unlinking of the symbol’s instances. Thus, this is probably where merge Duplicate comes into the picture. 

This plugin consists of many options:

  • Merging symbols, layer styles, text styles with the same name;
  • Merging selected symbols;
  • Merging layer styles, text styles, color variables from the list;
  • Merging similar layer styles, text styles, color variables.

Steps to ensure the working of the plugin is as follows:

  • Select three identical symbols.
  • Then go to plugins > Merge Duplicate > Symbols > Merge Selected symbols.

One can choose the symbols based on the number of instances present in the file. Moreover, other symbols present in the instances will be removed and all the instances will be further replaced by the symbols you choose to keep. 

Therefore, Merge Duplicate is the perfect option to organize the file containing multiple duplicates. 


Automate is a potential plugin that helps to speed up the work when it comes to layers, symbols, styles, texts, libraries. Let’s suppose you have used the primary button on the current page instead of a secondary button. Therefore, having one button is not a massive deal but automate plugin is surely helpful when one has to deal with 100 buttons at one moment.  

One can follow the below necessary steps to implement the automate plugin: 

Plugins> Automate > Symbol> Find and Replace 

Thus, automate plugin is undoubtedly the best option to choose in order to perform tasks in less time. 


The significant use of 6 sketch plugins can be done to boost productivity at work to provide better-organized files in minimum time. Although there are many other solutions available for sketch plugins, these are the ones that qualify as our personal favorites.  

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